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Import Google Contacts to iCloud via AnyTrans You can also export Google contacts firstly, and then import them to iCloud. Log into your account, follow the instruction, and download Google Contacts from Google which will be a.vcf file. Download Google Contacts from Google Account to Compute Sync Contacts to iCloud On your iPhone, you need to launch the Settings app on the home screen. The click on Apple ID/Name > iCloud. To enable the iCloud Contacts Library, you need to click on the Contacts panel to the On state How to sync Google contacts with iCloud Step 1. Open any browser and head to your Google Contacts > Select the Contacts you want to sync with iCloud > Click on the More button > then choose Export. Step 2 Import Contacts to Google from iCloud • Visit www.gmail.com and log in with your Google ID. • Click on More and click on the Import option that appears. • Choose the VCard file that you have already downloaded onto your PC Trying to figure out how to keep both my iCloud and Gmail contacts in sync. As of right now, I'm able to add a contact within Gmail, and it'll pop up on my Macbook, iPhone or iPad. However, doing it the other way around won't show the new contact in Gmail. For example, I'll open contacts from my Macbook or iPhone, add a contact

Import Gmail Contacts to iCloud Account The second procedure is importing the contacts in iCloud which are on your computer. The process is quite similar to the previous one. You will need to open your iCloud account and then import Gmail contacts to iCloud account Gmail and iCloud contacts synchronization via iPhone or iPad. Step 1.) Synchronize your Gmail contacts to your Mac by enabling the Synchronize with Google option within your Mac Address Book.. How to Import Google Contacts to iCloud Open your Gmail account in a browser on your computer. Click on the Google Apps icon

In Contacts, drag a contact from On My Mac to All iCloud, or export your contacts as Vcards, then manually sync with the Finder. On iCloud.com or iCloud for Windows After you turn on iCloud Contacts on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, your contacts upload to iCloud. You can find and edit your contacts on iCloud.com or in iCloud for Windows Having your contacts synced among all of your devices enables you to access your contacts at any time. If you own an Apple device and use Gmail, it might be a good idea to use Google Contacts Now you have exported your contact data from Gmail, and you could follow the steps below to import these contacts to iCloud. Step 1: Sign into iCloud at icloud.com using your Apple ID and password, and select Contacts. Step 2: Click on the setting icon on the bottom left corner of the page, and select import vCard to import the. Syncing Gmail contacts to the iPhone have never been an easier task. But, there is a direct way that will help you to sync Gmail contacts to iPhone. In this method, you just have to add the Google account on your iPhone device to sync Gmail contacts to iPhone device iCloud Contacts and Gmail synchronization solution SyncGene is a Free* synchronization service and a web app. Synchronize calendars, contacts and tasks across various devices, accounts and services you use. *Data sync is limited to two sources in the Free version. Manual sync is limited to one synchronization per month

Sync Google Contacts with iCloud wirelessly SyncGene is web-based cloud synchronization platform, which lets you to sync your Google Gmail Contacts with iCloud and iPhone without directly connecting your phone to the computer. Using SyncGene you can import Gmail Contacts and address book to iCloud, iPhone or iPad Click Import, and it should tell you to go to the old Contacts page, so do that and click Go to old Contacts. Click the Import Contacts... button on the lower left-hand corner, and select your file that you just downloaded from iCloud. It should import all your contacts into your Google account

One would assume that if you have both your iCloud and Gmail accounts set to sync contacts on your iPhone that the two will stay in sync with each other, but that's not how it works. At all. In fact, I incorrectly assumed for months that my Google contacts were also syncing to iClouduntil I actually checked my iCloud contacts. Turns out, no Here is how to transfer Gmail contacts to iPhone in just a few steps. The solution to import Google contacts to iPhone can be achieved in two ways:-. Method1:- Convert Gmail CSV files to vCard and Import the vCard to iPhone. Method2:- Configure Gmail account on iPhone and sync mail, contacts, calendars and notes

Just flip a switch to start using your new Gmail contacts with your iPhone or iPad. If you still want to use your iPhone or iPad, there's a bit more work involved to get your new Gmail contacts to.. In this video guide we have shown you how to enable iCloud and Gmail account to sync your iPhone contacts iCloud/Gmail and import contacts from iCloud/Gmail. Google Contacts is a great alternative to iCloud Contacts to sync contacts between iPhones or iPhone and Android. However, you might end up getting confused if you use both of them on your iPhone

Step 1: Access iCloud on your device The first step involved when you sync iPhone contacts to Gmail is to access the iCloud app in your device. To do this, you need to go to the phone's Settings then to your name and then to iCloud. After this, you need to toggle on the contacts icon and proceed to the next step Sync your iCloud Mail (icloud.com / me.com / mac.com) to your Android device. Virus Free Sync for iCloud Contacts 13.0.4. An easy and secure way to sync your contacts between iCloud and Android. Cloud Browser 2.2.1. Cloud Browser is one of the fastest Android browsers. myMail Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook. Import Google contacts to iPhone with iCloud. After importing your Google contacts to your Mac, iCloud should sync your contacts across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. To verify your iCloud contacts are synced with your Mac, follow these steps: From the Mac menu bar, select the Apple logo on the top left corner; Select System Preference To turn ON Contact Sync, open the Settings app on your iPhone, and select your name/Apple ID at the top. Inside the Apple ID screen, tap on the 'iCloud' option. On the next screen, scroll down and enable the toggle adjacent to 'Contacts' to turn ON Contact Sync with iCloud

1. Enable your Contacts to sync to iCloud.. 2. Go to https://www.icloud.com on a computer browser and open Contacts. 3. Select your contact or contacts, click on the settings icon, and select Export vCard. 4. Save the file to your computer. 5. Open Google Contacts. 6. Click Import and select the vCard file you saved Step 1. Now log into iCloud, then click on Contacts. Step 3: Now you should choose the vCard (.vcf file) from your computer, and click Open. The vCard contacts will be added to your iCloud Contacts automatically. Then you just succeed to im-port vCard to iPhone, so go to your iPhone Address Book to check the contacts Syncing Gmail and iCloud contacts to iPhone is easy, but importing Gmail contacts to iCloud requires more time and effort. The only natural way do it is to export Gmail contacts to a computer as vCard files, then manually transfer these contacts to iCloud

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Click iCloud. Select Contacts. All of the information* stored in Contacts is uploaded to iCloud. * If you have contact information stored in On My Mac, that information will not sync automatically. In Contacts, drag a contact from On My Mac to All iCloud, or export your contacts as Vcards, then sync manually with the Finder You might not be using iCloud Contacts on an iPhone, or want to sync a different set of contacts to your Mac. Here's how you can set up iCloud Contacts on Mac: Click the Apple Logo in your Menu Bar. Select System Preferences from the drop-down. Click iCloud. Select Contacts. How to Merge Contacts on iPhone, iPad, and Ma Sync Contacts Across Google Contacts, iCloud, and Office 365 / Exchange / Outlook Accounts. How can I sync multiple accounts together? In the past, if you wanted to keep identical address books in two (or more) different Google, iCloud or Exchange accounts, the process was tedious and risky While you can sync icloud contacts with windows contacts or outlook, there's no good way to sync these to google. If you ever plan on using Siri, you pretty much have to use icloud contacts, as only icloud contacts have the relationship fields (e.g., sister, father, husband, wife, etc., etc.)

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  1. iCloud will sync all contacts that are in On my 'Device' group. Make sure that these contacts are not saved in Gmail account or similar. Thanks! Yes No. Not Helpful 11 Helpful 3. Ask a Question. 200 characters left. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered
  2. Google Contacts is a free, easy-to-use contact management tool that allows you to organize your contacts in a simple interface with fields and segmentation. It has native integrations to other Google products such as Google Calendar, Google Drive and Gmail. With Apple's iCloud, you'll always have up-to-date versions of all your photos, notes.
  3. There are plenty of third-party apps and services that promise to sync iCloud contacts with Google, but we're going to do this the old-fashioned (and free) way—using vCard files, and that.
  4. SYNC & MOVE OPTIONS: • Sync or move any pair of iPhone/iPad contact accounts including Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Local, & CardDAV. • With a true 2-way sync, you can merge changes you've made to each contact account. • Choose from one of the following sync modes: 2-way sync, 1-way sync, & manual sync
  5. 1. Toggle Contacts Off & On in Settings. You can also try turning off & on iCloud contacts in Settings. Step 1: Go to Settings > {Your Profile} > iCloud or Settings > iCloud if you are using iOS 10.2 or earlier. Step 2: Turn off the switch next to contacts and in the pop up that appears, tap on Keep on my iPhone .
  6. Sync only seems to go one way with my gmail account. None of my contacts from gmail came over. If I create a new contact in mailbird under the gmail account, it shows up when I to gmail on the web. But if I create a new contact on gmail's web interface, it doesn't show up in mailbird. Frustratin
  7. Method 2: Import Google contacts to iPhone with iCloud In this method, you will enlighten with the steps on how to import contacts from Gmail to iPhone via iCloud environment. You have to employ the iTunes platform to establish this transfer task. In this technique multiple contacts imports into the device

4. This will launch a browser window. Simply go to the location where the vCard is stored and load it to iCloud Contacts. 5. Needless to say, make sure the iCloud contacts are synced on your iPhone. To do this, go to iCloud settings and turn on the option to sync contacts If Automatically sync is turned off and you want to update your contacts, you can manually sync Google contacts with your device using Google's Contacts app. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Contacts app . To sync, pull down on the contacts list Sync for iCloud Contacts is a professional syncing tool to improve integration between Apple's iCloud ecosystem and Google's Android ecosystem. There are no limitations. Everything is for free: * 2 way synchronisation. * Supports multiple accounts. * Sync directly to your iCloud account. * Users the default contacts app Here's how you can sync contacts from Gmail to iOS devices. 1. How to Sync Contacts from Gmail to iPhone or iPad. To sync contacts from Gmail to your iPhone or iPad, you must follow the steps mentioned below: Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Now, navigate yourself to the Passwords & Accounts section. In the next step, you have to tap Add.

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Again and toggle the contact off & on. Toggle Contacts Off/On on iOS 10.2 or older devices. Open the application settings from the device. Choose the iCloud and then find the contacts section. If the contact is already turned on the turn off it for a few seconds. If the contact is Off in mode, then turn on Return to Settings, click iCloud and turn off the Contacts to iCloud sync. Restart your iPhone. Go back into Settings, and turn the Contacts to iCloud sync back on. Check your iCloud account to determine whether the contacts have been sent over to your iCloud from your iPhone. 2 Part 2. How to Sync iCloud Contacts with Google Using Phone Transfer . If you're looking for a simpler alternative to the manual method, MobileTrans for Mac ( or MobileTrans for Windows) is an ideal option to go for.This program makes it very simple to transfer data from iCloud backup to Android accounts and sync it with Google Google contact sync and iCloud contact sync cannot run together on the iPhone. This is the only way one could achieve classic contact sync between Gmail Contacts and iCloud Contacts. I would export all my Gmail contacts to a vCard file from Gmail > Contacts > More > Export > All contacts

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One way is to via a computer to gmail, export your contacts to your desktop and then logout of gmail. Now, to iCloud via your computer and import your contacts. Your contacts will automatically sync to your iPhone This action will prevent contact duplication in your iCloud. Although this article is focused on moving contacts from Exchange to iCloud, the Save Contacts feature supports other email providers. You can use it to copy contacts from Gmail, Office 365, and Outlook.com quickly In this video we look at a few of the options of importing and exporting contacts from different email services such as iCloud, Google Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft Outlook. We use the Mac as a way to manage our address books in the Contacts app which also allows us to sync contacts from various sources and in return, sync contacts to any.

So, this how to sync contacts to Gmail using iCloud the right way! Way 3: How to Export iPhone Contacts to Gmail with iTunes . iTunes is also a potent way to copy iPhone contacts to Gmail. It is a well-known app and its popularity is mainly because of its backup and syncing features which covers any type of data from contacts, music, photos. If you have synced your Contacts with third-party accounts, uncheck them. And choose to sync with only All iCloud.. Step #1. Open Contacts app on your iOS device. Step #2. Tap on Groups at the top right corner. Step #3. Now, you need to deselect all the third-party accounts like Yahoo, Gmail. Make sure to select only All iCloud → Tap on. With Contacts Sync, you can quickly & easily sync your Google & iPhone contacts, giving you access to your contacts wherever you go. This app distinguishes itself with its reliability, ease of use, speed, and with a true 2-way sync that merges changes made to both your Gmail & iPhone contacts. This is the #1 app for syncing Google and iPhone. Part 3. How to export iPhone contacts to Gmail without iCloud (Easiest) Part 1: Sync iPhone contacts to Gmail by Google account automatically. When we sync Google contacts on Android phone, all we need to do is to add the Google account in Settings. Actually, iPhone also has the similar account manager feature in the Settings app. It is the. Open iCloud.com and with the Apple ID you use for iCloud. Click on the Contacts icon to open the online version of your address book. Click on the settings icon (looks like a gear) in the.

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  1. utes compared to the procedure done with third party tools, but is authentic.
  2. On iOS 11, go to your iPhone Settings > Accounts & Passwords > iCloud > Contacts, and turn it on. See video tutorial below: This help article relates to the iPhone app called Contacts Sync which can be downloaded here
  3. In this article, we'll show you two of the most common ways to import Gmail contacts into your iPhone. Part 1: Sync Contacts from Gmail to iPhone Using Google Account. Part 2: Transfer Gmail Contacts to iPhone Using iCloud. Part 3: How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone Directly
  4. It synchronises your Apple Contacts (from iCloud) with your Google contacts. This means that any contacts or groups you create in Gmail or on an Android device are available on your iPhone and OSX and iCloud, and vice versa. It syncs photos as well. It can sync one way (e.g. replace your iCloud contacts with your Google ones) or both way
  5. When you sync your contacts to iCloud, you'll be able to access them anywhere, regardless of whether you're using your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even a Windows computer. All of your contacts will be.
  6. When you edit or add contacts on your iPhone, changes will sync to iCloud contacts automatically. Step 4. Restore contacts from iCloud. When you need to recover lost contacts from iCloud, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud. Toggle off the Contacts option and then turn it on again. Tap Merge on if prompted to restore contacts to your.
  7. If contacts aren't appearing at iCloud.com: To force your contacts to appear at iCloud.com immediately, simply go to your iPhone Settings > Contacts > Accounts > iCloud > iCloud, and turn off Contacts temporarily. Choose to keep your contacts when prompted. Wait 30 seconds, and then turn Contacts back on. Now your contacts should appear at.

Part 2: How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Gmail via iCloud . You can also backup your contacts to vCard files via iCloud. It's not the most efficient way since it only supports vCard format but suitable for those who don't want additional programs. 1. Set-up iCloud Contact Sync on iPhone. Step 1 Go to Settings. Step 2 Tap on iCloud Here's an overview of how to share and sync iPhone contacts with another iPhone or iPad using iCloud : Create a new, generic e-mail address to link with an Apple ID. For example: familyshared123@gmail.com. Create a new, shared Apple ID which will contain the shared Contacts in the iCloud Account. Add the shared iCloud account to your iPhone. Part 1. iPhone Contacts and iCloud Part 2. Backup Contacts to iCloud Account Part 3. Some Tips of Backuping Contacts to iCloud Part 4. Quickly Backup Contacts Using Fonedog Toolkit. Part 1. iPhone Contacts and iCloud. The iPhone is an amazing smartphone and millions of users can't help but agree that it will likely continue in its popularity

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  1. Outlook 2013 32 bit. Email Account. POP3. Jun 18, 2018. #1. Using office 365 outlook 2016. When I install iCloud for Windows the option to check Mail, contacts, calendars and tasks is not available. Tried doing clean uninstall of Office, clean uninstall of iCloud and ran SFC. Still no joy after many hours
  2. Any account listed here with Contacts under its name is set to sync contacts — this could include iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and others. If you have contacts in other accounts, you'll.
  3. On top of that, Contacts Sync for Google Gmail supports 2 way sync, Gmail contacts to iPhone, iPhone contacts to Gmail, Manual sync, Delete iPhone contacts, and Delete gmail contacts. As you can see, there are a variety of options for maximum productivity when maintaining your address books
  4. On iPhone, you can sync your contacts using features like Settings, iTunes, iCloud, via email, by importing as vCards, or through Exchange. Using iPads. There are two options to use when you want to sync Outlook contacts with iPads, namely iTunes or iCloud. If one wants to use iCloud on their computer, they can copy contacts to iCloud
  5. How To Export Contacts From iCloud (and iPhone) iPhone users who use iCloud to sync contacts can export all their contacts using the iCloud website from a desktop or laptop. Unlike Outlook and Gmail, iCloud exports contacts in the vCard (.vcf) format. But don't worry, Gmail can read and import the VCF format just fine

Sync iCloud Contacts with Gmail via Primo iPhone Data Recovery - Step 4. Also Read: How to Recover Lost Data on iOS 10.3 >> Conclusion. Obviously Primo iPhone Data Recovery is a great choice when it comes to syncing iCloud contacts with Google. What's more, it can also help you recover lost iOS data on iDevices with or without backup I opened the iCloud control panel, but it looks like I would have to be using Outlook in order to sync my iCloud contacts to use with my gmail account on my pc. I would rather not use Outlook, so if there is any way around this, I would sure love to know how to do it Store all of your contacts in that account. And then both add it as an account in the Contacts app. It does get tricky though, as when you create a new contact you need to make sure you are using this Gmail account to store the contact, not your iCloud account. One advantage is that then you can have both individual contacts and shared ones If you want to transfer Outlook contacts to iCloud on a Windows computer, you need to download the iCloud Control Panel for Windows first. Step 2. Log into your iCloud account. When you get to the main window, check the box ahead of Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks and uncheck others. Step 3

sync Thunderbird contacts with Gmail, using manual methods is a quite lengthy and cumbersome process. Moreover, to sync calendar, contacts, and emails, the user must follow a separate procedure for each item. Therefore, it is always easier to use professional third-party software which can sync all the Google service items After this, configure iCloud in your iPhone and sync your contacts. After a few seconds, you will get your Yahoo contacts into the iPhone through iCloud. The Closing Words. We explain the correct way to transfer Yahoo contacts to iCloud with preserved data integrity. It is a fast and stable method that preserves all contact information 1Sync: contacts sync for Gmail, iCloud, Outlook is FREE but there are more add-ons $3.99. Pro version. $2.99. All contacts synchronization. $1.99. Auto synchronization. App Store Descriptio You can also opt to manually sync the contacts with your Gmail account via iCloud or iTunes, which is a handy way to make sure that your data is backed up from time to time without any glitch. For this to work, connect the phone to the computer or Mac and open iTunes on it while the phone is still connected via its connector d) On your iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud and make sure Contacts is listed as ON. #1) Plug in your device, find it in iTunes, select the Info tab. #2) Check Sync Contacts with Google Contacts. Enter account info and then sync your device. This will add an extra category in your Contacts on your device. Mine called it 'On My PC'

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  1. Set Up And Sync Google / Gmail Contacts With iOS Using CardDAV. 1. First and foremost open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. 2. Scroll down to 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' and tap on it. 3.
  2. Check the box next to iCloud to view your calendar items. iCloud syncs your appointments in real time, which means that if you make any changes to your calendar here, they'll show up on your phone as soon as you save them. If you select the Contacts icon, you'll see the same iCloud section with the contacts group you've created
  3. Sign in iCloud with credentials on any Browser. Hit the gear button at the bottom of the screen. Click the VCF vCard import option. Browse to the path where the vCard file is stored, select it, and Click Open button to import vCard to iCloud. Next, your VCF Contacts will be successfully import into iCloud
  4. Most of us rely on iCloud to backup and sync data like Contacts, Notes, Photos, etc. between iPhone and other Apple products like iPad, Mac, or Apple TV. To sync Contacts from iPhone to iCloud, just go to Settings > iCloud > Move Contact to ON, and also you should enable iCloud backup on your device
  5. How to Sync iCloud Mail, Calendar, and Contacts with Ubuntu 19.04 Posted on Updated on May 22, 2019. If there is an operating system that Apple completely ignores, it is Linux. To this day, Apple has yet to develop any version of its popular software, such as iTunes and iCloud Drive, for Linux
  6. With SyncGene you can sync Gmail Calendar and Contacts with iCloud, iPhone or iPad. Also, you can sync iCloud Calendar and Contacts with Android device. You can sync calendar and contacts using SyncGene app or online. Sync Contacts, Calendar events and Tasks automatically across multiple devices, email accounts, Web Apps and services

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We recommend syncing with the My Contacts Gmail group if you are syncing your main contacts. (All Contacts) allows you to sync with all contacts regardless of Gmail group assignement and in many cases uses don't want to sync with this list because it often includes duplicates or Gmail suggested contacts General issues are at iCloud and Outlook Problems and issues specific to Calendar sync are at Calendar Sync Issues. iCloud 2 users should check iCloud 2: What you need to know and iCloud default data files. When you create new contacts in Microsoft Outlook, the contacts may not be added to the iCloud contacts folder. Try clicking the Refresh button Pick the contacts you want to sync and click File>Save As>Save as type and select vCard Files. Pick a location to save your vCard, give it a name and click Save. On iCloud.com, sign in and click Settings > Import vCard. Select the vCard you saved and click Import. IMAP and POP are sync protocols that are unable to sync calendar, contacts, etc Want to backup/sync your iPhone contacts?You're at the right place. With a large iPhone contacts list, phone numbers and email addresses, everyone would think of backing them up because rebuilding such list is very difficult. With your iPhone contacts backed up to Gmail, iTunes or iCloud, even if you lose your iPhone or mess things up during restore process you'll always have your iPhone.

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Step 2: Import Gmail contacts to Outlook 2013 or 2016. Choose File > Open & Export > Import /Export. Choose Import from another program or file > Next. Choose Comma Separated Values > Next. In the Import a File box, browse to choose the .csv file you saved your Gmail contacts to. Choose how you want Outlook to handle duplicate contacts > Next Step 1: Export Outlook.com Contacts in CSV Format. The initial part of the whole process is to export the address book of Outlook.com in the system. Only then you can import contacts from Outlook.com to iCloud. Follow these steps to export contacts: Open Outlook.com account with credentials. On the top left corner of the screen, you will see. Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts to turn on or off sync settings, including your calendar. Tap your Gmail account to reveal the switches for mail, contacts, calendars, and notes. By adding your Google account to iOS, you've configured it for the Apple Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Notes apps. However, apps from the App Store, such as. Copy the default Outlook.pst file to iCloud, and set iCloud.pst as default. Select Contact with Outlook, and then click on Apply in iCloud primary window. Now, go to settings >> iCloud and sign in your iCloud account, then turn on the contacts to enable syncing with Outlook. Method 2: Sync or Import PST Contacts to iPhone using iTune On your computer, go to www.icloud.com and log into your iCloud account. (You may need to verify your with a code sent to your iOS device/computer.) Click the Contacts icon on the iCloud page. Select the contacts you'd like to export. To select the entire list, click the first name in the list and then press Cmd+A (Mac) or Control+A.

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Gmail vs Apple Mail and iCloud: The Basics. Let's start by explaining what Apple Mail is, and how it compares to Gmail at a high level. Officially, Apple Mail (usually an app simply called Mail on Apple devices) is an email client intended for devices with iOS operating systems. It relies on SMTP servers for sending messages, POP3, Exchange, and IMAP for message retrieving, and S/MIME. Toggle Sync contacts; Find the screenshots for Android and iOS below. Note: you can sync contacts from Outlook only via Outlook mobile app, Outlook desktop does not have this option. Sync Contacts from Gmail / Google contacts. To sync contacts to Intermedia Unite from Gmail / Google contacts, please do the following: Go to Settings of your phon Make sure that you have Gmail installed on your device. Go to Settings, then go to 'Accounts and Sync'. Ensure, else move contacts button to 'ON'. Enable the Accounts and syncing service. Select your Gmail account from the e-mail accounts setup. Make sure that you've enabled the ' Sync Contacts ' option Sync for iCloud Contacts (rating 3.9 from 7,594 users) Sync for iCloud Contacts is a app designed to sync iCloud contacts between iCloud account and Android devices. With it, you can simultaneously sync contacts between iCloud and Android, this two-way synchronization do a great favor if you keep iPhone and Android phone at the same time

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