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If you add photos to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by connecting your device to your computer, you can't delete them directly from your device in the Photos app. If you see the gray Trash button when you try to delete a photo from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you might need to stop syncing photos from your computer If you want to delete all photo albums from your iPhone/iPad at once, click Select All and tap the trash icon. While if you intend to remove some specific albums, select the photo albums you want to delete and then clickDelete. Step 3. After tapping the delete button, a new window will pop up asking for confirmation Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPad or iPhone with a USB cable. Tap on the device icon from the top left corner on iTunes. Tap on Photos from the left-side menu. Click on Select Albums and deselect the albums you want to delete Delete app data through Document & Data folder on your iPhone. The very basic way to delete app data and documents on iPhone is from the 'Documents and Data' folder, one-by-one. You can go to app-created documents and data by following this path: Setting > General > Usage > Manage Storage (Storage) > App Name Open iTunes and then link your iPhone/iPad to the computer with a USB cable. Click on the device icon located at the top left corner. Choose Photos and then deselect the option Sync Photos. At last, you can select Remove photos and hit Done to remove the pictures

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There are a variety of third-party apps that you can use to remove iPhone Camera metadata, but if location data is all you need to remove, save your money. Metapho: Metapho works as an extension.. Launch the Photos app from your Home screen. Select the photo or photos you would like to strip EXIF data from. Tap the share button in the lower right corner. It looks like a box with an arrow coming out of the top of it Once done, it will prompt you to share the converted photo without EXIF data. For now, Shortcuts app is available only for the iPhone and iPad. But there are also rumors that the app will hit. You shouldn't manually delete your contacts, calendars, reminders, documents, photos, or any other iCloud information while you're signed in to iCloud with your Apple ID. This would delete your content from the iCloud servers and any of your devices signed in to iCloud. If you still have your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touc

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To completely remove photos from iPhone, it is required that this toolkit scans and looks for the private data on your iPhone. It is done when you click the 'Start' button. Just wait for a couple of seconds as the 'Dr.Fone' toolkit is fetching your private data. 4 Note: This data isn't limited to only photos you have clicked with your own iPhone. It also implies to images that are transferred or received via various methods, and even the screenshots. How to View Photo Metadata on iPhone or iPad. All the data mentioned above can be found within your picture

Go to the iPhone home menu. Select the Photos app. It will display a list of albums - by default, the albums All Photos, People, Places and others are displayed down to Recently Deleted . Here's an example with our album containing this handsome chap Get great deals on iPhones here: https://amzn.to/2xpEHyQOnce you delete photos or videos from your camera roll, they'll go to the Deleted Folder. Here's ho..

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The key to solving the problem is that deleted photos continue to take up storage space on your phone until you really delete them. Windows has the recycling bin. Mac has the Trash. The Photos app in IOS 8 has its own variation on Trash that only applies to photos and videos. When you delete a photo on the iPhone it doesn't actually get deleted Next, open the Photos app on your iPhone > select the Photo from which you want to remove Location Data and tap on the Share icon located at the lower left corner of your screen. On the Share menu that appears, locate and tap on the More option. On the next screen, toggle ON the option for ViewExif and tap on Done 1. Open Settings on your iPhone. 2. Tap on your name (Apple ID). 3. Tap on iCloud (should be the first subtitle below name, security, and payment). 4. Tap on iCloud Photos and My Photo Stream.

Method 2: Erase data permanently using Stellar Toolkit for iPhone. When you want to delete iPhone data permanently beyond the scope of any recovery software, use an iPhone erasure tool - Stellar Toolkit for iPhone. Factory reset option by Apple, does leave a chance of iPhone data recovery by using a software You can choose My Photo Stream and check the photos then click Export to transfer them into your computer. Disable iCloud Photo Library on your iOS device, and your photos on iPhone will disappear. Choose Import from the top menu bar, and sync those photos from computer to your iPhone/iPad/iPod. So far, you are sure to delete photos from. Apart from iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photo Library, you can also go to its iCloud Settings > Manage Storage > iCloud Photo Library to delete and disable this feature. Bonus: Take a Backup of your iPhone on iCloud If you have an old device and the feature of iCloud Photos is not there, then you can consider taking an entire backup of your iPhone

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Delete unwanted files in iCloud Drive from your iPad or iPhone. 1. On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Files app. 2. Tap Browse at the bottom of the screen. 3. In the Locations section, select. Delete Documents and Data from iPhone or iPad to Free Up Space from iPhone or iPad. Learn how to delete documents and data from iPhone, iPad, iCloud, as well..

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Sometimes you need to delete all pictures from your iPhone — maybe you've moved them to your computer to save iPhone storage, or maybe you got a new phone and need to erase all data on this one. Whatever the case, Photos doesn't provide a way to bulk delete all the pics, so you'd have to select every photo and video in your library as. Step 4 Erasing Your Photos or Other Data without Restore. Now, click the box beside the data types you'd like to erase. If you want to permanently delete photos from your iPhone, just select Photos option. You will be prompted to type the word 'delete' to confirm the permanent deletion of the data. Once the data is deleted, you will see the. How to Delete All Photos from iPhone permanently. Step 1. Run the software and connect your iPhone to the computer. Run the iPhone Data Eraser software after downloaded and installed it. Then connect your iPhone to it via a USB cable. After connected, the software will detect your device automatically and you will get a main interface as follow

Here is how to delete synced photos from iPhone selectively: Step 1. Launch the iPhone Synced Photo Cleaner and connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cable. Then the program will detect your device automatically. Step 2. Then select the Erase Private Data mode to delete synced photos on iPhone Here is how to sync iPhone photos to iCloud from computer: Step 1. Transfer all photos from iPhone to your computer. Step 2. Go to Photos App to delete all the pictures that you don't want to keep on your iPhone. Step 3. Go to iCloud.com to upload the exported pictures from computer to your iCloud Drive How to hide photos on your iPhone. If you are wanting to delete the photos from your iPhone because you don't want someone to see them, rather than because you want to save space, then the best. Steps to delete 'Documents and Data' from iCloud on iPhone: Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage. A complete list of apps appears that shows the storage space occupied by each. Click on the app for which you want to delete data. Click Edit. Click Delete All

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  1. Updated for iOS 11.3: How to Delete the Live Photo Version of a Picture Apple introduced the Live Photo feature with the iPhone 6s, and it's still a fun and popular feature of the native iPhone Camera app. The Live Photo function is on by default when you open the Camera app, so you need to turn off live photos if you want a traditional still shot
  2. When you delete a file or folder in Files, be careful because there is no confirmation step. If you click the Delete option, you will permanently delete files from your iPhone or iPad. Part 2. How to Delete Files on iPhone/iPad Using an iOS Content Manager. Applies To: Photos, Videos, Audio Files, Contacts, Messages, Books..
  3. Tap on the target photo to see, edit or delete the EXIF data. To remove EXIF data, tap on the Exif sign on the top-right corner. From the 'Remove Exif' screen, you will be able to choose the exact tags you want to remove. There's also a 'Select All' option [1] to delete all metadata at once
  4. How to Remove a Photo's Location Data From the iPhone Share Sheet. At the top of the share sheet, find the bold text showing the number of photos and videos selected. Right beneath it, if the item you're sharing contains location data, you'll see one of the following labels displayed next to the Options button

Delete your library using your iPhone. If you just want to delete all of your photos from your iPhone and want to stop syncing with iCloud altogether, slide the switch next to iCloud Photos to the. Tap Delete in the bottom-left corner, then 'Delete X Photos' to permanently remove them. If you own an iPad, you can follow the same steps above to delete all the photos on your tablet Click Transfer in the main window. Step 2 Click photos in the top toolbar. Click the Photos tab at the top of the main interface, then you will see the photo management window, Step 3 Export and delete pictures from iPhone in bulk. Next, select the photo you want export and save them to computer It will allow you to delete photos that have been backed up, thereby freeing iPhone storage. Delete Message Archives If you use iMessages heavily, your 'Other' data can still be cluttered if you. If you want to permanently delete all pictures stored on your iPhone's Camera Roll or Photo Library for privacy and security reasons, you can use the iPhone Data Cleaner. Aside from the ability to remove camera roll photos, this software can likewise erase files, passwords, contacts, apps, user IDs, account info, system setting, bookmarks.

To delete photos on your iPhone using the Google photos app, simply open the application and tap the icon in the upper right-hand corner. Now, you can tap the option to delete the photos that have. To clean Safari Website Data, tap Safari > Website Data > Remove All Website Data. To confirm the removal, tap Remove Now. 2. Erase and restore your iPhone. If you want a factory restore of your iPhone, tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. This will clear all the content (your messages, photos and apps) and settings. 2 How Do I Delete Data from My iPhone Temporarily. Deleting data from iPhone can be done in several ways, but the manual method is the most commonly used one. Manually deleting data from iPhone is not a rocket science and you can follow the steps below to do that. From your iPhone, click on Settings. Locate iCloud. Click on Storage & Backup If your iPhone is running out of space, one of the quickest ways of freeing up storage is to delete photos from your iPhone - and this is how you do it If you're running an iPhone with limited storage, you'll inevitably have to free up space at some point. Anything below 64GB will cause problems for users after 12 months or so of usage

Here's how to delete all your attachments in Messages to clear some iPhone memory: Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Scroll down and tap on Messages. You'll see a list: Top Conversations, Photos, GIFs and Stickers, and Other. Tap on the category that occupies the most space How to Delete All Your Photos. Start by firing up the Photos app. On the Albums tab, select the All Photos folder. You'll see a stream of all your photos with the most recent images at the bottom of the screen. In the upper right corner, tap the Select option. Unfortunately, iOS11 doesn't have a Select All option How to Bulk Delete Photos from Your iPhone: Sometimes, you want to delete a lot of photos to free up space or stay organized while you're on the go. The Photos app on the iPhone makes it easy to delete bulk pictures from iCloud and local storage. Here's how to delete individual photos in bulk from the All Photos album inside the Photos app

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To fully delete photos, open the Photos app, and select the photos that you have exported to a photo locker. Then tap the Delete button in the bottom toolbar, and choose the Delete Photos option. How To Delete Photos Off Of A Stolen iPhone Though no one wants to consider a situation in which you'd need to know how to delete photos off of a stolen iPhone, the steps you'll need to take to protect yourself before the phone is actually stolen are incredibly important To help reduce the risk of losing a photo in the future, here's a tip — back up your iPhone data to iTunes or Finder using a Mac. Apple Support has instructions on how to do this. The downside to this method is that iTunes only allows you to restore your entire backup, overwriting everything currently on your iPhone Mode 1. Free up useless files on iPhone. Step 1:Download and install PanFone iOS Eraser to your computer.Run the program and connect your iPhone with PC. Step 2: Select Free Up Space mode from the main interface.Click on Quick Scan to scan junk files, temporary files, photos, apps and more on your iPhone.. It will take a while to scan your iPhone To delete every photo from your iPhone, make sure you're in the All Photos viewer of the Photos app, as opposed to the Albums tab. Tap the Select button and tap your most recent photo to select it. Then, hold your finger on the next photo and without releasing, drag your finger up until every photo is selected

Data, photos, and videos within the Messages app could take a chunk of your iPhone or iPad storage space, especially if you send and receive a lot of media over iMessage. One solution to this is to delete all photos from Messages threads when your device is running low on storage Tap Delete Items to move all the photos to the Recently Deleted section. As mentioned earlier, photo deletion on iOS is a two-step process. In the Albums section within the Photos app, scroll all the way down and choose Recently Deleted. Here, tap Select at the top-right corner of the screen. Now, press Delete All to.

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For those iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users that have many different albums and photos in your photo stream, you, deleting these images will help you delete documents and data iCloud space. You can turn off photo stream from Settings -> iCloud -> Photo Stream. This will remove all photo stream instances from your iPhone which can help you. If you use the Mac Photos app and you sync all your photos using iCloud Photos, a Mac app called Photos Exif Editor ($0.99) allows you to selectively remove the EXIF data for the front-facing iPhone camera field. (This data is what Apple uses to sort photos into the Selfies album automatically. Apple iPhone captures the Live Photos using the camera app by default. A Live Photo is a short video, but you can't extract still photos from it directly. Thankfully there are some cool apps.

Most enthusiastic mobile photographers have probably encountered a well-known issue when snapping pictures with their smartphone: there are too many photos. If you're running out of space for more photos on your iPhone or perhaps you want to get rid of everything on your phone's memory, we're going to help you with this guide. In [ Step 1. Create a folder on your computer > Add only one photo to the new folder or just leave it empty. Step 2. Open iTunes > Go to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch > Photos. Step 3. Choose the folder created at the 1st step to sync photos from > Apply. Step 4. Uncheck Sync Photos From > Apply Again > Sync iPhone Here are 7 tips to save space without deleting a single photo from your Camera Roll: 1. Attempt to rent a movie with a large file size. In April, a Reddit user gave iPhone users craving more.

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2: Choose the mode Erase All Data. 3: Click the button Erase, the program will start to analyzing your device.Please do not disconnect your device during the scan. When the scan is finished, start erasing the data.Type Delete into the box that appears and confirms your intention.; The erasing process will take some time, so you'd better grab a coffee and do not operate your iPhone. If you are sure you have all the photos you can go ahead and delete the photos, either with the iPhone itself or from Windows. I would keep a backup of them (and maybe your whole Computer/most important files) though, since hard drives and even SSDs can fail. Yes, those folders are permanent. - X_841 Feb 29 '20 at 13:4 In the Photos app on iPhone, you can find a Places album which allows you to see places on a map where your photos were taken. With the iPhone photo geotagging feature, your pictures appear on the map in the Photos app. Also when you export iPhone photos to computer or send them to other devices, the geolocation data will be carried over

How to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone. Check out below for step-by-step guide on deleting documents and data on iPhone. 1. Delete Documents and Data for Stock Apps. Music, Videos, Safari, Messages, Mail etc. are stock apps. All stock apps deal with data, while storing some of it. Your favorite Music app stores some data for its own use Method 1: Use PanFone to Permanently Delete iPhone Photos. Though Apple offers the function of 'permanently delete photos within 30 days', someone may want to delete useless photos instantly. Then how? Here, PanFone - iOS data eraser, the best tool which supports to completely delete useless photos on your iPhone, as well as on your other iOS. On your iPhone or iPad, navigate to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage. Here you will get a breakdown of the storage space used on your iPhone by various installed apps, the OS itself, and more. You should also see the space occupied by 'Other' data here. As per Apple, the 'Other' data is occupied by the following files

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  1. How to Delete iPhone Backup on Windows PC or Mac. Backing up iPhone is significant to prevent data loss. By default, iTunes or Finder keeps only one local backup per iOS device. But If you have backed up more than one device or archived your iOS backups, there can be multiple backups on your computer that take up a lot of room
  2. To check, open the Photos app, choose the Albums tab, and scroll down to Recently Deleted. Tap to open Select the photos and choose Delete All. That should clear up your photos from the device. We recommend restarting your iPhone after deleting these photos
  3. To remove photos from iPhone . It's tough for iPhone user to delete photos from iPhone. But I found iPhone Data Eraser can help us achieve it. Here I show you the steps to delete photos from iPhone. Step 1.Install iPhone Data Eraser and connect your iPad to computer. Step 2.Choose Erase All Data on Device on the list
  4. It's easy to permanently delete photos from iPhone 5/6/7/8/9/X/11. Follow these steps. 1. On iPhone, go to Photos app and select the photo/photos you want to remove. 2. Tap the Trash bin icon at the bottom of the screen. 3. Tap Delete Photo or Delete [number] Photos

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  1. Tap on Delete in the bottom-left corner of your screen, and then click on 'Delete X Photos' to permanently remove them from your device. If you have an iPad as opposed to an iPhone, you can follow the same steps that are given above to delete all the photos on your device
  2. 1) Launch the Photos application. 2) Tap on a photo you want to delete. 3) Tap on the Trash icon at the lower right corner of the screen. 4) Your iPhone or iPad will ask you to confirm whether you really want to delete the photo, or if you want to cancel. Tap Delete Photo. The photo will be deleted from your iPhone for good. How to delete multiple photos directly from iPhone or iPa
  3. For example, if the Podcasts app takes up more than a couple of gigabytes of space, it's probably filled with cached data. Deleting and re-downloading the app could help to clear the Other storage on your iPhone. To delete an app, touch and hold the app, then tap Remove App > Delete App > Delete
  4. Manually Delete All Those Unwanted Message Attachments. To do this, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Messages. You see a snapshot of all your Messages' media files by category such as photos, videos, GIFs, and others. Tap on what you want to manage
  5. Recover data from dead iPhone via iTunes. Open iTunes on the computer that you used to back up your dead iPhone. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. Then connect the iOS device to the computer. After the iTunes detects your device, select your device and go to File menu > Devices > Restore from Backup
  6. To delete photos from iCloud, you can either delete them from your synced iPhone or iPad, or turn off photo syncing. By default, if you delete a synced photo from your iPhone or iPad, it'll be.
  7. Part 3. How to Permanently Delete WhatsApp Photos on iPhone. To delete WhatsApp photos and other related files permanently, you can rely on the professional WhatsApp data deleting software, FoneEraser. It has the capability to quickly remove all WhatsApp photos, videos, messages and more from your iOS device

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  1. 1. Without Backup? Use the iPhone Data Recovery Software. In reality, iPhone doesn't overwrite the data until new files needs that memory space. This give you a big chance to recover data from iPhone storage without backup. There are countless of iPhone data recovery apps out there that claim to handle the task, and our choice is iOS Data Recovery
  2. Therefore, when you delete a photo or a video from your iPhone, it isn't erased permanently. Instead, it is shifted to the Recently Deleted folder and stays there for the next 30 days . If you want, you can easily restore deleted pictures from iPhone by visiting the folder
  3. Sometimes after you delete an image, it might still appear on another Apple device if you have My Photo Stream turned on. This is a feature that syncs images across all of your Apple devices
  4. By doing this, your iPhone will remove the location from the shared copy of the photo only. The original photo on your iPhone will still have the geotag on the photo. If you wish to permanently remove location data from the photo, you can follow our guide to remove the location from iPhone photos
  5. Delete Photos. Click and select Photos to open your photo library in the iCloud. Now select all the photos you wish to delete and then click on the 'Delete' icon in the top right corner. Confirm your choice by clicking on 'Delete' again. Delete Mail. Click in the top left corner of your screen and select the 'Mail' app instead
  6. Tutorial 1: How to Delete Private Data on iPhone,iPad Permanently. This erase mode can help you delete all private data (photos, messages, contacts,Apple ID,ect) from your iPhone,iPad permanently,then protecte your privacy data been stolen after selling the devices. Step 1. Run the iOS Data Eraser and Connect iPhone to the Compute

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The app will save a new version of the photo without any kind of excess personal data. 3. Remove EXIF Data on Android. Photo Editor is a powerful photo editing software and it has a really useful. Here's how to recover deleted photos from iPhone camera roll via the Photos app: On your iPhone, open the Photos app. Scroll down until you see the Recently Deleted album (it's listed under Other Albums. Select Recently Deleted. Select Select from the top right of the screen. Tap on the images you'd like to restore Step 2: Remove the Background from Your Photo. In the Shortcuts application, find the Background Remover shortcut and tap on it to run it. The first time you run the shortcut, you'll be asked to grant it access to the Photos app. A Photos picker window will then appear, where you can browse through your photos and albums 3. Under the Apps section, you should see the apps that have access to your health data. For instance, if you want to remove the data associated with the stock clock app, tap on it. Then, tap on Data and hit Delete All Data from Clock. After that, click on Delete to confirm. If you want to wipe out all the data associated with the Health app, choose Health and then tap on Delete All Data. How to Recover Data from iPhone that Won't Turn on. Summary: We always encounter many abnormal problems when using iPhone, but you really want to recover data from it.This article will teach you how to recover data from iPhone that won't turn on. This method of data recovery is simple and easy to operate

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Then you can choose what you want to remove and chlick Delete at the top of window to delete them form iPad camera roll or photo library. Part 3: Permanent Remove Photos on iPad Step 1: Launch the program and establish connection Launch iPhone iPad iPod Data SafeEraser after install it on your computer 1. Begin by launching the Photos app. The ability to edit burst photos is available on both iPhones and iPads, and this method works with iCloud photos as well. All you need is the Photos app. 2. Navigate to your burst photos, which can be done in several ways. The traditional way would be to use the Photos app's main interface.

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