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Corpus spongiosum Problems Damage to this structure may result in difficulties in having an erection or reduce sensations during sex. The Corpus spongiosum can suffer damage due to a condition called Priapism in which an erection is prolonged, persistent and painful. It may also arise due to an injury to the penis The spongy tissue/corpus spongiosum gets pumped with blood, but if I touch it its very soft. I also noticed that if I do my penis exercises, my erection gets very hard, but that gives me a temporary 'erection boost', and the real problem is not healed - Soft corpus spongiosum There are scopes that can look into the urethra all the way to the urinary bladder if that is necessary. However, they can only look for problems in the corpus spongiosum visible from inside the urethra. There are ultrasound and MRI scans for further examination if necessary. A general anesthetic isn't required for any of it When erect, head and bottom ridge (corpus spongiosum) does not fill usually without wearing a cockring. Color: Discoloration and glans tissue damage is apparent. Possible conditions/treatments I've researched: 1. An atrophic and sclerotic condition of the head of the penis (glans). Sometimes leading to stenosis and occasionally. Since the lump has been painless and present for a couple of weeks, so either it can be a cyst or a benign skin growth. They may occur anywhere on body but scalp, ears, back, face, and upper arm, are common sites for sebaceous cysts. Blocked sebaceous glands, swollen hair follicles and excessive testosterone production will cause such cysts

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The corpora spongiosum(bottom muscle/spongy tissue) of my penis stayed soft during erections and my corpora cavernosum stayed hard during erections. Basically my erections got weaker than before, my corpusa spongiosum stays very soft during erections and this has an effect on my corpora cavernosa(side muscles) they are softer than before If your penis were a clock faced from the front, the corpus spongiosum would lie from about 4 o'clock to about 8'oclock. One corpus cavernosum would occupy 8 to 12, with the other occupying 12 to 4 Injuries may include mucosal laceration and corpus spongiosum disruption. The complex male anatomy, history of urethral stricture, and enlarged prostate can make Foley catheter placement challenging as the standard procedure is performed without urethral visualization. (Source: PercuVision) 10-30 percent is a high rate of injury

Penis pain that's only felt in the middle of the shaft, especially chronic (long-term) or intense and sharp pain, usually indicates a specific underlying cause. Here's what you need to know Practitioners of both traditional and alternative medicine agree that proper blood circulation is important for health. There are a number of different ways to improve blood flow, including taking.

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Corporal fibrosis usually occurs after explantation of an infected penile prosthesis, severe penile trauma, refractory low-flow priapism, Peyronie's disease, or the chronic intracavernous injection of vasoactive drugs These fractures present similarly with associated urinary symptoms such as blood at the meatus, a positive urinalysis for blood and/or urinary retention. 2 Here we present a case of a classically.. Grip your semi-erect penis with your palms facing downwards and your thumb and index fingers applying pressure to the under side of your penis. Alternately, use your hands as you lightly pull your penis away from your body. Continue this motion for 5 to 10 minutes. Wrap a hot compress around your semi-erect penis for two to three minutes Achieve a slight erection and then insert your penis through the ring; it should fit snugly at the base of your shaft. Forcefully contract your PC muscle to draw blood into your penis. With the ring in place, you can trap more blood in the corpora cavernosa and make it fuller, giving you larger erection. Jelq 2

Damage to the corpus spongiosum or to the corpus cavernosa can cause difficulty in achieving an erection or can cause reduced sensation during sexual activity. It can be damaged because of priapism, a condition in which an erection lasts longer than usual and becomes persistent and painful The tissues that make up the penis include the dorsal nerve, blood vessels, connective tissue, and erectile tissue (corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum). The urethra passes from the bladder to the tip of the penis. Human papillomavirus infection may increase the risk of developing penile cancer The function of the corpus spongiosum in erection is to prevent the urethra from pinching closed, thereby maintaining the urethra as a viable channel for ejaculation. To do this, the corpus spongiosum remains pliable during erection while the corpora cavernosa penis become engorged with blood • The urethra runs through the corpus spongiosum, conducting urine out of the body. An erection results from changes in blood flow in the penis. When a man becomes sexually aroused, nerves cause.. Squeezing by hand, with the ability to stop immediately, probably isn't a strong enough force to cause a penile fracture. This injury, by the way, is a rupture of the corpora cavernosum, not the corpus spongiosum which is where this injury apparently occurred. It might have been a tear or similar minor injury

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Multiple Choice prepuce corpus spongiosum spermatic cord corpus cavernosum . This problem has been solved! See the answer See the answer See the answer done loading. Show transcribed image text Expert Answer. Who are the experts? Experts are tested by Chegg as specialists in their subject area. We review their content and use your feedback to. The most proximal part of the corpus spongiosum is the bulb, surrounded by the low-signal-intensity bulbospongiosus muscle (, Fig 3). Its roof is pierced by the urethra, which then runs centrally within the corpus spongiosum and has intermediate to low signal intensity with T1- and T2-weighted sequences

The corpus spongiosum is located below the corpora cavernosa and surrounds the urethra. The urethra is the tube through which urine and semen leave the body at an opening called the meatus. At the tip of the penis, the corpora cavernosa expands to form the head of the penis, or glans Blood flows out of the corpus spongiosum and corpora cavernosa penis, and the penis goes back to its normal size. A man who often has problems having or keeping an erection of his penis is said to have erectile dysfunction (ED). On the other hand, an erection that lasts too long is also a dangerous condition called priapism Patients describe it as a sensation of engorged erectile tissue around the urethra and vaginal opening, particularly during arousal, causing problems with intercourse, pain, discomfort or dysphoria. In addition to inadequately tapered corpus spongiosum, the bulge can also be due to incompletely resected bulbospongiosus muscle Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Pedidos desde $59 The corpus spongiosum splayed out at a mid-penile level, ending into a consequently splayed glans penis, rather than having a primary glans defect. After the spongiosal plate has been adequately zippered up, no glans wings' surgical dissection was deemed necessary to attain the aimed normal glanular topography identified by the control group

We examined the use of telemetric monitoring of corpus spongiosum penis (CSP) pressures for assessment of micturition and erectile events following SCI in rats. Pressure catheters were implanted in the bulb of the CSP of seven male Long-Evans hooded rats, subjected to a standardized weight drop SCI (10 g x 12.5 mm) at T10 This type of lesion happens when the spongy tissue (corpus spongiosum) around the urethra in the penis is missing. Fusiform megalourethra. This lesion happens when both the corpus spongiosum and corpora cavernosa (the chambers that support the penis) are missing. In this case, the whole penis swells into a spindle-like form during urination

Corpus Spongiosum. Third tubular structure of erectile cavernous tissue that lies in front (anterior) and between the paired corpora cavernosa. When referring to a failed erection, a problem caused when blood leaks out of the penis faster than normal, thereby leading to an inability to sustain an erection Key Words: Male urethral catheterization, complication, corpus spongiosum, mass, urethral trauma. ***** Urethral catheterization is one of the most common procedures in everyday medical practice (Buddha, 2005). However, a difficult catheterization could cause problems for both practitioner and patient The corpus spongiosum is close to the surface of the penis and encloses the urethra. It also consists of a sponge-like tissue and, when filled with blood during an erection, helps to keep the urethra open. is covered by the foreskin. Penis Problems. There are a large number of conditions that can affect the penis, and it is surprising how. Corpus spongiosum feels numb. nsfw. Lower shaft of my penis on the inside and the skin a little feels numb. When erect it doesn't feel hard. Just hollow, weightless and numb. No sexual feeling at all. For 2 years its been like this. 0 comments. 100% Upvoted

• Corpus spongiosum: A column of sponge-like tissue running along the front of the penis and ending at the glans penis; it fills with blood during an erection, keeping the urethra -- which runs. Several procedures have been described for repair of distal hypospadias. However, these are not without any complications. Corpus spongiosum advancement is a new technique employed in our patients for distal hypospadias repair with excellent clinical outcome and no post-operative complications. A total of 56 patients aged from 24 to 126 months were operated between January 2009 and August 2011.

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  1. The corpus spongiosum contains the urethra and extends anteriorly to form the glans penis. The corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum have intermediate signal intensity with T1-weighted MR imaging sequences and high signal intensity with T2-weighted sequences. The muscular walls of the urethra appear hypointense relative to the corpus spongiosum
  2. The corpus spongiosum: A similar line of tissue that runs on the underside of the penis and surrounds the urine channel called the urethra. This area doesn't become as enlarged as the corpus cavernosa, and it maintains a continuous blood flow in and out while a person has an erection
  3. There is also a third tube, the corpus spongiosum, that surrounds the urethra. The broad tip of that tube is the penile glans. The broad tip of that tube is the penile glans. However, this tube is much smaller than the corpous cavernosa and holds only a small fraction of the blood present in the penis during an erection
  4. The Corpus Spongiosum . The corpus spongiosum is a mass of erectile tissue that's located under the corpus cavernosa. This entity contains approximately 90% of the blood volume that's redirected to the penis during physiological erection. As you can see in the figure above, the corpus spongiosum houses the urethra and extends to form the.
  5. the penis—the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum. Erection occurs when relaxed muscles allow the corpora cavernosa to fill with excess blood fed by the arteries, while drainage circulatory problem by observing decreased pulses in the wrist or ankles. An
  6. Concentration of elastic system fibers in the corpus cavernosum, corpus spongiosum, and tunica albuginea in the rabbit penis Int J Impot Res. Mar-Apr 2006;18(2):121-5. doi: 10.1038/sj.ijir.3901404. Authors R S Maia 1 , M A Babinski, M A Figueiredo, M A Chagas, W S Costa, F J Sampaio. Affiliation 1 Urogenital.

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I think i may created a scar in the corpus spongiosum/urethra by doing that, because when i touch that area i can feel it. I went to Dr, and he find i have an inflammation there ( i made a penis doppler), and he gave cialis, i have good erections with cialis ( low doses), but when i stop taking it, the problems come back corpus cavernosum) och en corpus spongiosum urethrae. De båda corpora cavernosa omges av en mycket stram bindvävskapsel, tunica albuginea, och fylls under erektion upp till ett mycket högt tryck. Corpus spongiousum, som omger urinröret, omges av en mjukare kapsel och får aldrig lika högt tryck, eftersom detta skulle omöjliggöra ejakulation The urethra, the tube that urine and semen flow through, runs along the underside of them, in the spongy tissue of the corpus spongiosum. Two main arteries (one in each of the corpora cavernosa. It is theorized that the bleeding is due to blow out of the corpus spongiosum penis. Blood is seen at end urination when the bulbospongiosus muscle contracts to expel urine (and there is an increase in pressure in the corpus spongiosum). Treatment involves prolonged sexual rest and/or temporary perineal urethrostomy The anterior portion is located in the corpus spongiosum and may be subdivided into penile and bulbous segments. The bulbous urethra extends from the inferior margin of the urogenital diaphragm to the penoscrotal junction. The penile segment then continues to the external meatus. The normal anterior urethral lumen may be difficult to delineate.

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The corpus spongiosum lies dorsal to the corpora cavernosa in the penis. The following questions will require the use of an ICD-9-CM code book to complete the sentence. The corpora cavernosa-corpus spongiosum shunt is coded to procedure code __________ The proximal urethral bulb in men is enlarged, surrounds the bulbous urethra, and extends dorsally towards the perineum. During intercourse engorgement takes place due to increased blood flow through the corpus spongiosum. Antegrade ejaculation is facilitated by contraction of the bulbospongiosus muscles during climax. Micturition during sexual stimulation is functionally inhibited The corpus spongiosum includes the glans, and the urethra runs through it. c. The corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum both consist of erectile tissue. The corpus spongiosum includes the glans, and the urethra runs through it. d. The corpora cavernosa consist of erectile tissue, while the corpus spongiosum does not Anatomy. The two corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum (also known as the corpus cavernosum urethrae in older texts and in the adjacent diagram) are three expandable erectile tissues along the length of the penis, which fill with blood during penile erection.The two corpora cavernosa lie along the penis shaft, from the pubic bones to the head of the penis, where they join Corpus spongiosum of glans - Corpus spongiosum glandis. These are cookies that ensure the proper functioning of the website and allow its optimization (detection of navigation problems, connection to your IMAIOS account, online payments, debugging and website security). The website cannot function properly without these cookies, which is.

pointing forwards, with a bulky corpus spongiosum remnant. Urination problems are common post-surgery with up to 20% of postoperative trans women requiring minor corrective urethral surgery.810 Surgery in the form of urethral revision is the only solution to correct this. This will remove much of the residual erectile tissue of the corpus. Corpus spongiosum. The corpus spongiosum is a vascular tissue sleeve surrounding the urethra. It commences at the bulb of the penis as an enlargement of the spongy tissue of the pelvic urethra. At the end of the penis the corpus spongiosum expands over the distal end of the corpus cavernosum to form the Glans penis, bringing the urethra to the.

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  1. e its size. The treatment of corpus cavernosal rupture (penile fracture) may be medical or surgical. Majority of urologists are of the opinion that primary surgical exploration, evacuation of hematoma and sutured repair of the torn tunica albuginea results in.
  2. or corrective urethral surgery. 8 , 10 Surgery in the form of urethral revision is the only solution to correct this
  3. Corpus spongiosum definition: a mass of tissue that, with the corpora cavernosa, forms the erectile tissue of the penis... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example
  4. Corpus [Latin, Body, aggregate, or mass.Corpus might be used to mean a human body, or a body or group of laws. The term is used often in Civil Law to denote a substantial or positive fact, as opposed to one that is ambiguous. The corpus of a trust is the sum of money or property that is set aside to produce income for a named beneficiary
  5. A separate erectile compartment (corpus spongiosum) lies beneath the corpus cavernosum and surrounds the urethra. Chapter 5: Functional anatomy of reproductive systems: genital organs There are, however, three inflatable cylinders of erectile tissue, two corpora cavernosa on the upper surface and the corpus spongiosum running centrally up the.
  6. Corpus cavernosum Urethra Central artery Dorsal veins Dorsal artery Dorsal nerve Corpus spongiosum . know his problem is not unique. The staff must provide support and answer questions honestly. Direct questions to the urologic surgeon. The patient should take a cleansing antiseptic sho wer the evening before and the morning of surgery
  7. The ICD-10-CM code C60.2 might also be used to specify conditions or terms like malignant tumor of body of penis, malignant tumor of corpus cavernosum, malignant tumor of corpus spongiosum, primary malignant neoplasm of body of penis, primary malignant neoplasm of penis , tumor of corpus cavernosum, etc

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To distinguish between these it helps to remember that the urethra 3 runs through the corpus spongiosum E . The corpora cavernosa 5 occurs as a pair and are located on top of the corpus spongiosum. The corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum are erectile tissues that engorge with blood during sexual arousal causing an erection Sildenafil Corpus Spongiosum: No Prescription Needed. Fast shipping & discrete packaging! And And Organizers One Reading Be Are The History Calling 1st A If T Corpus Ll The Significance With May And Spongiosum Many Talk We On By Communities Sildenafil Of Quick Explain OWS To We The Isn Reason GENERAL Enough A For Opening STRIKE The That Why The Corpus Their Just Music Electronic Keeps LA Theyve Junk All Getting Got Better From Great Viagra Priapism Spongiosum It Lyrics Pop Punk Great Punk Great It's also good to make a mental note of the injury: date of injury, what you were doing, how it happened, what force and what angle was the force directed, and what position your finger was. When the corpus spongiosum is also erect, serious urinary difficulties may result. The urethra, which is the duct for urine excretion, runs down the middle of the corpus spongiosum. Constant prolonged restriction of the tube can lead to retention of urine in the bladder. In some cases catheterization (mechanical drainage) can relieve the buildup Generic: Sildenafil Corpus Spongiosum. The results, from a Fracture study in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis (FRAME), showed levitra difference cialis viagra that the drug Romosozumab met a secondary endpoint of reducing the incidence of clinical fractures, the companies said. Light-based gene therapy, according to the Swiss researchers, may offer a direct route to erection without side.

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runs in corpus spongiosum. Bulbouse urethra. in bulb of penis. Dartos m. layer of smooth muscle that helps regulate testicular temperature. Problems with Prostatic Hyperplasia. urination problems, difficulty, frequency, weak stream, dribbling. Prostatitis. infection/inflammation; painful urination Grade 4: complete division of corpus spongiosum leading to urethral fistula and constriction of corpora cavernosa, with loss of distal penile sensations. Grade 5: gangrene, necrosis, or complete amputation of the distal penis. Early surgical intervention is required onc O epididymis. O spermatic cord O testis . The The is the common tube for the passage of urine and semen. O ureter O ejaculatory duct O ductus deferens O urethra 4. Which of the following would not be visible in a cross section of the penis? O corpora cavernosa O corpus spongiosum O urethra O epididymis 5 A. Superficial Dorsal Vein- drains blood from the prepuce and skin of the penis and runs backward in the subcutaneous tissue B. Dorsal nerve- provides sensory and sympathetic nerve functions to the penis C. Septum-encloses both of the corporaD. Urethra- carries urine outside the body. E. Areolar Tissue- surrounds and supports the corpus cavernosum, corpus spongiosum, and main blood supply in.

Millones de productos. Envío gratis con Amazon Prime. Compara precios A penile erection is the result of blood entering and being contained in tissue called the corpus spongiosum inside the penis. This process is often the effect of sexual arousal, when there are signals channeled from the brain to nerves in the penis. Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of the male's penis to maintain or achieve an erection. I recently(a month or so ago) noticed that, at the underside below the base of my penis, where the corpus spongiosum conforms to the body, the bulb'', I have developed a lump slightly to the left, under the skin. I thought it might be a vein, as I don't normally probe down there so much, but it seems to be more of a rounded shape As the corpus spongiosum and glans veno-occlusive mechanism activates, engorgement occurs within the corpus spongiosum and glans with an increased intraspongiosal pressure from 6-8 mmHg at baseline to approximately 20 mmHg during erection, and to approximately 30 mmHg during the external compression associated with sexual intercourse

The Corpus spongiosum is a column of spongy tissue (a mass of erectile tissue alongside the corpora cavernosa of the penis and ending in the glans). The male urethra passes in between Corpus spongiosum at 1 and it is covered with foreskin called prepuce of organ is the scrotum The shaft of the penis is composed of three erectile tissues (corpus cavernosum / corpus spongiosum), which consist of muscle fibers and blood vessels. In flaccid state the muscle fibers are contracted pressing the blood arteries together and thus preventing the flow of too much blood into the corpora cavernosa. Problems after surgery or.

To correct a ventral chordee, the corpus spongiosum and urethra must be separated from the ventral surface of the corpora cavernosa. Electrocautery is used to make a transverse incision at the point of maximal curvature and then down to the cylinders releasing the chordee. If necessary, defect closure with patches can be performed Corpora cavernosa exercises are often referred to as jelging, a method developed in the Middle East 1.The primary reason for these exercises is to improve the skins elasticity and to improve blood flow, which allows for a bigger erection

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  1. Mammalian penises consist of two main types of erectile tissue — the corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum. Both tissues fill with blood during an erection, but the role of the corpus.
  2. Thus, when injecting, due to small flaccid size and girth, I think the standard 1/2 length needle is going thru the corpus cavernosum and into the corpus spongiosum. This seems to have happened a few times and results in spontaneous bleeding around the head of the penis as the blood vessels in that area dilate from the Trimix, and of course.
  3. -K, A, C, manganese, and magnesium. Other health benefits of spinach are- lower blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, fight against cancer, asthma, and lower.
  4. Hard-flaccid syndrome is a frustrating and real condition, yet it is not always recognized by medical professionals. A recent review of the current literature on hard-flaccid syndrome was released in 2020 in the journal Basic and Clinical Andrology and gives us some insight into the common symptoms, causes, and treatments available. More research is needed, and recognition of the problem is.
  5. Hemorrhage from the corpus spongiosum penis may still be a problem in bulls and large steers during urination. Insert a 15-cm length of 1-cm diameter latex tubing into the urethra, and fix it in place with single suture through the tubing and penile stump

The corpus spongiosum surrounds the urethra, Usually bowenoid papulosis doesn't cause any problems, and it can even go away on its own after a few months. But if it doesn't go away and isn't treated, in rare cases it can progress to Bowen disease. Cancers of the penis The patient was discharged with no problems on the 3rd day postoperatively. Six months after surgery, no voiding problem was detected, but the patient reported new-onset penile curvature preventing sexual intercourse. A thick-fibrotic band was palpated along the corpus spongiosum at the ventral penis, especially in the midshaft location The corpus spongiosum enhances almost immediately post contrast; however, the corpora cavernosa enhances gradually in a centrifugal fashion. This pattern of enhancement is due to the central location of the cavernosal artery 1 . The following enhancement of the corpus spongiosum perplexed his treating team. The patient was not able to urinate.

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  1. In the resolution stage, the body returns to an unaroused state. Once ejaculation takes place or orgasm occurs, penile arteries constrict and the smooth muscle of the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum contracts, reducing blood inflow, increasing blood outflow and causing the penis to become limp (detumescence)
  2. Peyronie disease is a condition in which a focal plaque or scar develops on the tunica albuginea (the thick fascial outer layer that surrounds the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum) of the corpora cavernosa. During an erection, this causes the penis to have a curvature or bend in that area
  3. The spongy urethra is located inside the penis - specifically, in the chamber known as the corpus spongiosum. In most men, the spongy urethra segment will be 15cm in length. The diameter of the spongy urethra usually measures in at around 6mm. This part of the urethra is uniform in size and is narrow
  4. Three cylindrical bodies—the corpus spongiosum, which surrounds the urethra, and the paired corpora cavernosa—form the shaft of the penis (Figure 93-1). The corpora cavernosa are the major erectile bodies, extending distally from the pubic rami and capped by the glans penis

The penis consists of two erectile tissues: a pair of corpus cavernosa that lies on the left and right sides of your penis, and the single corpus spongiosum the runs at the bottom side. V jelq puts heavy pressure on the penis sides, where the corpus cavernosa are located. By focusing more on these tissues, V jelq has the upper advantage over. Female Genital Anatomy. There are multiple anatomical structures which comprise the internal and external female genital tract such as the clitoris, labia minora and corpus spongiosum (vestibular) erectile tissue, peri-urethral glans, urethra, G-spot, Halban's fascia, anterior fornix erogenous zone, pubococcygeus muscle and cervix One, called the corpus spongiosum, runs along the bottom of the organ from base to tip, where it spreads out to form the glans. The urethra runs through it (inspiring its name in older papers,. Corpus spongiosum Testis Epididymis Scrotum Bulbourethral gland Urinary bladder Vas deferens Prostate gland Corpus cavernosum Penis Urethra Glans of penis Seminiferous tubules Prepuce (foreskin) Figure 4.2 The Male Repro-ductive System. The external male sex organs include the penis and the scrotum. the urethral opening, or urethral meatus.

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Other articles where Corpus spongiosum penis is discussed: priapism: the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum, respectively, become engorged with blood so that the penis enlarges, hardens, and assumes an erect position. The major symptom of priapism is pain and tenderness in the enlarged portions. There may be a short period during the onset when pleasurable sensations are felt Penile fracture is a rare condition. Primarily it is a rupture of the corpus cavernosum that occurs when the penis is erect. The rupture can also affect the corpus spongiosum and the urethra. We report a case of a 37 year old man who presented with acute penile pain, penile swelling and the inability to pass urine after a blunt trauma during sexual intercourse There is some evidence that acetylcholine is involved in the increase in blood flow through the corpus spongiosum but not in the corpus cavernosum. Or if the penis does not become erect it allows the doctor to identify that there may be underlying issues with blood flow Description. The spongy urethra (cavernous portion of urethra, penile urethra) is the longest part of the male urethra, and is contained in the corpus spongiosum of the penis.. It is about 15 cm long, and extends from the termination of the membranous portion to the external urethral orifice. Commencing below the inferior fascia of the urogenital diaphragm it passes forward and upward to the.

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passes through the corpus spongiosum and opens to the exterior via a slit-like opening, the external urethral orifice or meatus.5 The penis' blood supply comes from the dorsal artery and the central artery. The two central arteries run through the corpora cavernosa and the dorsal arteries are located on the dorsal side of the penis Human Reproduction Problem Set Problem 3: Anatomy of the penis Which of the following is not found in the male penis? A. corpus cavernosa B. urethra C. corpus spongiosum D. glans E. seminiferous tubule The Biology Project University of Arizona Monday, November 4, 1996 Contact the Development Team The corpus spongiosum on both sides was reserved for the two wings of the glans. The two wings of the glans were carefully expanded to at least to the 3- and 9-o'clock positions of the penis. In some patients with a small glans, dissection was performed to the 2- and 10-o'clock positions to close the two wings of the glans with no tension. Here's why that is: The penis has two tubes of spongy tissue running down its sides called the corpus cavernosa and one surrounding the urethra known as the corpus spongiosum. When you're sexually aroused, these tubes fill with blood, producing an erection The average male urethra, which runs from the bladder to the tip of the penis, is about 20 centimeters or approximately 8 inches in length and is surrounded by vascular tissue known as the corpus spongiosum. Stricture or narrowing can occur at any point in the urethra and is categorized based on where it occurs along the urethra