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  1. My indoor cat has very silky long hair and often vomits after eating. I have given him oral doses of a flavored oral lubricant with a petroleum jelly base. He hates the taste. Is it OK to just put Vas read mor
  2. ates the hairball. Vaseline in excess may cause diarrhea
  3. When a cat is exposed to refined petroleum oil products, or ingests products of this type, it can result in a severe and disease-like physical reaction, which is referred to as petroleum hydrocarbon toxicosis. Petroleum products that commonly poison small animals are fuels, solvents, lubricants, and waxes, as well as some pesticides and paints.
  4. Vaseline is not safe to eat! It is a petroleum based product and just as. > you wouldn't drink motor oil, don't give it to the cats. check w/a vet, of course, but i think vaseline *is* safe. after all, the primary ingredient in petromalt (the hairball remedy) is petroleum. jelly is vaseline
  5. eral oil by itself, as it is easily inhaled by the cat as it is swallowed and can cause fatal lung toxicity
  6. eral oil. It also notes to use caution as both
  7. The idea behind the petroleum jelly method is that it prevents cats from climbing up the feeder pole. Looking solely at the cats, this is a safe and effective method. The issue with adding petroleum jelly to bird feeders is that it can get on the bird's feathers

Petrolatum, also known as petroleum jelly, paraffin oil, and white petrolatum, is a highly-refined derivative of petroleum. After it's been fully refined, petroleum jelly appears to be safe for cats and people Petroleum jelly hairball remedies like Laxatone help to lubricate the hair so it moves through the cat's gastrointestinal tract more easily. Some cat owners prefer to use non-petroleum hairball remedies, which work the same as petroleum-based products but are made with different kinds of lubricants. Read More: Best Cat Hairball Remedie Petroleum jelly is not the same as mineral oil and that is something you do not want to give your cat. Only white petroleum jelly. If there is no reasons that the string or yarn is hung up somewhere in the intestinal tract, the petroleum jelly should help the string or yarn to pass in your cat's stool. 4 Meet Daisy. She apparently loves petroleum jelly. She tries to lick it off of me everytime I put it on my face or hands. Anyone else's dog do the same? Why do dogs like it so much? :sneaky Petroleum jelly Petroleum jelly such as Vaseline will help lubricate your cat's digestive track hence making feces elimination easier and comfortable. This process will, in turn, get rid of the hair in the digestive tract. Apply petroleum jelly to your cat's paws once a week

This, however, doesn't mean that petroleum based products are 100% safe. Dr. Weil says that products containing petroleum jelly are not safe to be applied inside of the nostrils as this could cause lung inflammation. 1 According to Dr. Lawrence E. Gibson from Mayo Clinic, inhaling fat-based substances such as petroleum jelly or mineral oil for prolonged periods can cause lung problems There are also petroleum-based remedies available that you can periodically feed your cat. Try Cat Food Formulated for Hairballs. If your cat coughs up hairballs regularly, you might consider switching to a diet specifically formulated to help reduce the issue. Many cat food brands have a product to deal with hairballs Petroleum jelly (also called petrolatum) is a mixture of mineral oils and waxes, which form a semisolid jelly-like substance. This product hasn't changed much since Robert Augustus Chesebrough. Invest in commercial hairball remedies. Your veterinarian or your local pet store can provide you with a wide range of intestinal lubricants, usually made with petroleum jelly, in kitty-pleasing flavors like malt, tuna and catnip.Some cats will lick it off your fingers or you can plant a dollop on your cat's paw, so she can lick it off herself. You can even try a dab of white petroleum jelly.

To get it into your cat, it is helpful to put the petroleum jelly in the fridge prior to use. The firmer texture makes it easier to get into your cat (though we do find they more readily eat the pharmaceutical grade). Some cats will lick it off their paws if you swipe a short ribbon onto their paw. Many will just fling it off Vaseline is a popular brand of petroleum jelly that is actually not edible. It is a composition of minerals and wax. Petroleum jelly has been used as a healing agent for the treatment of wounds, burns, and skin rashes for so many years. Other animals like cats, and dogs have the same effect as humans. It also may cause pneumonia. So, be. The reason we got the infestation is because the immune system (IS) is compromised. It is the IS that keeps them under control. When it is compromised, they get out of control. This type of mite is only on the face and not the body. Be careful as they can get in the mouth and eyes. I also use petroleum jelly on my lips and inside my mouth To make it easier for your cat to ingest the jelly, lightly dab some on his paw and let him lick it up. Petroleum jelly also comes in a malt flavor which most cats seem to take a liking to. Cat Vomit Brought On From Nervousness & Stress - Cats sometimes can get stressed and nervous from being around other cats during feeding time. They may feel. If you happen to have cats who won't accept anything they didn't think of first, hairball-formula foods are a reasonable idea. Infused with petroleum jelly-like ingredients, they can often do the trick when more direct alternatives just aren't doable. Having said that, feeding wet diets can often solve the problem too

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  1. Treatment for hairballs in cats. Hairball treatments generally fall into two categories: adding fibre to the diet, or giving a lubricant (usually a petroleum jelly product) to slide the hair through to the correct end of the cat for disposal. A third option, which might be used by a holistic vet, is homeopathy
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  3. For cats with short hair you need to use a rubber brush. If you cat has long hair use a comb that has wide teeth. Another option you could try is a lint roller. Just roll it over your cat daily. My cat loves it. I guess it feels more like a massage. Another option to try as a natural home remedy is petroleum jelly
  4. The most reliable way to take a cat's temperature is through the rectum. The best thermometer to use is a standard digital or rectal thermometer covered in a lubricant like petroleum jelly. You'll need to lift your cat's tail and gently insert the thermometer into the anus, holding it still until the thermometer reads a temperature
  5. Like mayonnaise, petroleum jelly is a home remedy for lice. Research shows it may kill adult lice. But it doesn't keep the eggs, known as nits, from hatching. That means it's not a good way to.
  6. As cats age, they have more trouble reaching their back and you may find matted hair that needs to be clipped or shaved off. The age old remedies using lubricants are common—from cod liver oil flavored gels to a dab of petroleum jelly on the nose or paw. The idea of these is that the hair will slide more easily through the digestive tract
  7. Indoor cats are more likely to play with the poor wee thing! So one of the reasons why they do it is just because they like it! Mommy Cat. Another reason why cats play with prey has to do with the way Mommy cats teach their child to hunt. Typically, Mommy will catch a mouse then bring it back to the nest alive to teach the kittens how to kill it

Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Pedidos desde $59 Here's a simple yet effective remedy for aiding in the passing of a hairball: Put a bit of plain petroleum jelly (about 1/4 teaspoon) on the cat's paws or under its nose (according to our vet source, do this treatment one time a day for about four days). The cat will lick its paws or nose, and the petroleum jelly will be ingested, where it will.

I know if I had to, I could use petroleum jelly to mask medicine because of how much my cats like it. It wouldn't do a good job of masking bad tastes, however, so I do think there others are better alternatives. Especially if you don't know if your cat likes petroleum jelly. 5. Using Peanut Butter to Get Cats to Eat Medicin Using petroleum jelly also helps to get the cat rid of excess hairballs. You can also try using mineral oil and butter to deal with the problem. Try these solutions to get rid of dry heaving if your cat still doesn't eat and drink properly Petroleum Jelly. Yes, the petroleum jelly that we apply externally to moisturize the skin, can actually be fed to cats to treat constipation. Oral intake of petroleum jelly in cats is completely safe, provided it is given in moderation. The daily dose of petroleum jelly to treat constipation in cats varies from 1/3rd to 1/2 a teaspoon Step 1: Apply an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment or non medicated petroleum jelly such as Vaseline to the wound to keep any bacteria that is present from causing infection. Spreading the ointment on at least twice a day reduces chances of infection and also keeps the tissue soft and more prone to healing A lubricant for the thermometer, such as petroleum jelly; Alcohol and paper towel to clean the thermometer; A cat treat; 2. Shake a glass thermometer so the mercury is below the 96º line. To check, hold it up to the light and rotate it. To use a digital thermometer, turn it on. 3. Coat the tip of the thermometer with a lubricant. 4

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Hard ticks, like the common dog tick, have a hard shield just behind the mouth parts (sometimes incorrectly called the head); unfed hard ticks are shaped like a flat seed. Soft ticks do not have the hard shield and they are shaped like a raisin. Soft ticks prefer to feed on birds or bats, and are seldom found on dogs or cats While we now know that petroleum jelly isn't as harmless as we once thought, nothing seems to soothe our dry, chapped skin quite like the gooey substance. In the 1980s commercial above, we are reminded of the many uses for Vaseline. From lip balm to foot cream to makeup remover, this emollient product that's been around since 1872 can fix. When you speak about wasabi, you are most likely talking about the colored horseradish served at the majority of sushi restaurants and not true wasabi root. The latter is much milder. Nonetheless, the chemical in both varieties that provide the s.. This inexpensive ant-proof cat and dog food bowl will keep ants out of pet food, no water moats or petroleum jelly or other weird tricks required! Ants in the cat food every spring Every April, like clockwork, the same thing happens: The weather starts to get warm, and ants come inside to explore Fruit jelly (As opposed to something like petroleum jelly or candy 'jellies') is a staple in many households, particularly at the breakfast table. (Peanut butter jelly time!) Naturally, if you're eating it, your cat may be wondering what you're eating and if it's anything that they should be having as well

Though the long-term treatment will vary based on why your cat has scabs to begin with, there are several things you can do in the short term to help mitigate your feline friend's discomfort. The main thing to remember is that scabs are there for a reason. Picking or scrubbing them off will do more harm than good Many cats like the texture (mine sure does!) and will happily eat petroleum jelly on its own, but if you're having trouble getting your cat to take a lick, you can flavour it with the liquid from wet food, by embedding a piece of kibble in it, or any similar way you can think of To control earwigs, use homemade earwig traps or DIY earwig deterrent and repellents like petroleum jelly for quick solutions to an irritating problem. What Attracts Earwigs. The first thing to do if you have an earwig problem is to make sure you aren't inadvertently attracting them Why people think it works: If you completely cover the tick with something thick and gooey like petroleum jelly, it won't be able to breathe and will have to back out to keep from suffocating. This is an interesting idea that has some basis in reality, since ticks breathe via spiracles and not their mouths

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For cats that are regurgitating or eating too fast, try wetting the dry food with some warm water and feeding smaller amounts per meal. Hairballs can be treated with small amounts of petroleum jelly added to the diet or specially-formulated dry food. Stress can be treated by observing the stressor and trying to lessen it Mary McMahon Petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is a mixture of hydrocarbons that is semisolid at room temperature, and it is also odorless, when properly refined. It is used in a variety of industries, although many people associate it with the popular Vaseline® brand personal care product. It may also be marketed as petrolatum or soft paraffin If you want to help your cat handle her hairballs, there are a few things you can do at home. There are commercially available hairball treatments that are basically flavored petroleum jelly, Dr. Cruz explained. Be sure to give an adequate amount. Usually 1 to 2 inches in length is needed To do this, you must have all the necessary utensils: A digital rectal thermometer that you can get at any veterinary clinic. Vaseline, or any other lubricant. A clean cloth or towel. Once you are ready with the utensils, apply these steps: Clean the thermometer well with a dry cloth and cover the tip with a little lubricant like petroleum jelly Vaseline petroleum jelly is very safe and when well massaged into the pads will also stand up to licking and wear. One has to use this perhaps 2-3 times a week for a few weeks to see if there is improvement. Olive oil would be helpful also if the dog or cat does not walk on concrete much

When a cat's nose is dry and cracked or red and raw there are many potential conditions that cause it. Any cat with a dry, cracked, irritated nose should be examined by a veterinarian to determine the cause. A home remedy that can help some cats with a mildly dry nose is petroleum jelly After cleaning the area, apply a substance like petroleum jelly. If the area is very painful, swollen, bleeding, or crusted, your health care provider may recommend a medicated ointment Petroleum jelly is a mixture of natural waxes and mineral oils. It's used as a moisturizer and to treat dry skin in humans. Vaseline is also available as a lip balm to treat cracked and sore lips. These products may be flavored or colored, making them more attractive to dogs

Step 2. Rinse your cat's paw with water and rub with a dry washcloth to remove excess petroleum jelly. Then apply canola oil to your cat's fur. Rub the oil into the sap stain thoroughly and pull out the loosened sap. Repeat this process several times and you will likely be able to remove all or most of the tree sap At least to cats. If you look at the ingredients in a tube of lubricant for hairballs, petroleum jelly is the main ingredient for helping them pass hairballs in their stool instead of coughing them up. I don't even buy the lubricant. I just put a small dab of petroleum jelly in my cat's mouths if the high fiber dry food doesn't do the trick How to remove a tick. Use fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skin's surface as possible. Pull upward with steady, even pressure. Don't twist or jerk the tick; this can cause the mouth-parts to break off and remain in the skin. If this happens, remove the mouth-parts with tweezers. If you are unable to remove the mouth. 9. Soften Dry Lips. Apply a liberal amount of petroleum jelly to your lips and let it sit for a few minutes. Then gently scrub your lips with a clean, soft toothbrush and rinse clean. 10. Remove Gum From Hair. I suspect that dealing with a gum stuck in hair scenario is some sort of rite of passage for parents


Cat Hairballs. Cats like to groom themselves, maintaining their skin and fur clean in this manner. Cats lick themselves while grooming; the tongue of the cat has a rough surface that will pull out hairs and the cat will also ingest hairs that are loose. Cat hair cannot be properly assimilated and it will gather in the dog's stomach Petroleum hydrocarbon toxicosis is a severe and disease-like reaction that occurs when a dog is exposed to refined petroleum oil products, or ingests products of this type. Petroleum products that commonly poison small animals are fuels, solvents, lubricants, and waxes, as well as some pesticides and paints that have a petroleum base Petroleum jelly is, of course, a by-product of the oil industry. It was patented in 1872, and over the years has been touted as a cure-all for any and and all skin problems, including burns. Today it is most commonly used to soften skin, and is an ingredient in many cosmetics, lotions and baby-care products

Cats can get zits just like humans (as shown above). However, cat zits start out as what looks like black dirt under the cat's chin. Scroll down to see the videos of Caymus' and Trigg's zits—these are the little black specks.. If you don't clean these off your cat's chin, they can get infected, turning into what humans more readily recognize acne white heads (as shown above) Vaseline does not cure dry dog noses. Vs. Snout Soother heals dry dog noses every doggone day! 4. Vaseline is not safe to ingest and can cause upset stomach, diarrhea, and even lipoid pneumonia. Vs. Snout Soother is 100% safe to ingest. The all-natural ingredients are just as good for your dog's insides! 5 Cats are famous for landing on their feet after a fall, but they aren't the only animals that do so. The tiny pea aphid can also right itself in mid-air, and it does so in a way that's far.

Use Vaseline. As for the next solution of how to keep ants out of dog food container, you can use Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly around the lid of the container to hold the ant away. The sticky substance will capture the ants in the place and stop them from approaching inside the container. Use Peppermint Oil 4 Common Tick Removal Myths. Petroleum jelly, burning them off, freezing them off, nail polish. These are just a few of the common folk remedies that pop up when you google tick removal. And all of them won't work — and have the potential to further hurt your pet. These techniques are not viable options, says Dr. Alleman Wounds heal in stages. The smaller the wound, the quicker it will heal. The larger or deeper the wound, the longer it takes to heal. When you get a cut, scrape, or puncture, the wound will bleed. The blood will start to clot within a few minutes or less and stop the bleeding. The blood clots dry and form a scab, which protects the tissue. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is an amazing product that is incredible to use on the skin. It is a non-toxic formula made for skin care. It is a non-toxic formula made for skin care. A little-known fact is that Vaseline does not contain water, so bacteria do not tend to grow in the mixture and allows Vaseline to be stored for long periods of time Apply petroleum jelly on the surface of the chestnuts before and after trimming or peeling the chestnuts. You can also apply a hoof moisturizer to the chestnuts. After some time, the chestnuts might split into chunks, making it even easier to maintain the chestnuts

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Hairball Paste For Cats Benefits Dosage And Application, 7digital is really a media service that gives not only tunes tracks, but will also videos, audiobooks, soundtracks, in addition to a choice of free MP3 downloads. Its electronic locker retailers all obtained tracks properly in case you should download them again. There usually are a number of file formats that you can download the new. To help prevent this kind of vomiting, feed your cat on a regular basis some petroleum jelly (aka as Vaseline). If they don't like it, you can try Petromalt, a malt-flavored petroleum jelly. Pats of butter will also work Why is this happening? Fortunately, there are some steps that can be taken to prevent cats from ending up like Elvis. These products contain petroleum jelly, which lubricates the.

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Treat any hairballs your cat may have. Dab a little petroleum jelly on your cat's paw to be licked off. This will help treat and prevent hairballs from causing digestive problems in your cat. Brush your cat daily to help control hairballs Commercial hairball remedies are usually made of a nondigestible oil or jelly such as petroleum jelly, with a feline-pleasing flavor like malt or tuna. While petroleum jelly is probably the cheapest and most effective treatment, it's also the most difficult to convince a cat to swallow Cats like to stalk their prey by crouching down low and slowly creeping through cover to sneak up on their targets. If cats are stalking your feeders, it may help to make all the surrounding bushes and shrubs unpleasant places for cats to sit and walk through. Petroleum Jelly: If cats climbing your feeder pole is a problem smearing slick. A little dab on the paw or muzzle works. Cats will lick it off and ingest it, where it'll help lubricate the passage of intestinal contents. It's also great for crusty noses, peeling pads and scaly elbows. But in these cases, I tend to prefer Aquaphor, a petroleum jelly-like product with extra oomph for superficial stuff along these lines As an alternative, just a little bit of Vaseline or another kind of petroleum jelly may be put on the cat's paw to be licked off to help pass the hairball. Other options are to use some oil from a can of tuna fish, some plain canned pumpkin with no spices added (not pie mix), or a little bit of butter

The percentage of cats over 6 years old has almost doubled in the last 10 years and the aged cat population is growing. Within the past 5-10 years, veterinary medicine has seen some significant improvements in treatments for the ailments commonly faced by ageing cats. Like people, cats do not live forever Petroleum jelly, or petrolatum, is a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum. Yes, the same petroleum we use in our cars and lawn mowers. If it seems like a bad idea to rub a byproduct of crude oil onto your skin, well, you're right. It is. And not only because of the toxic risk The majority of atopic dermatitis remedies are treatments that you apply directly to the skin, like steroid creams or ointments. It is important to use an ointment and not lotion in this area, as lotions can sometimes contain drying agents that might make the symptoms worse. Topical ointments that might help include: Petroleum jelly. Coconut. A clean cloth or towel. Once you are ready with the utensils, apply these steps: 1. Clean the thermometer well with a dry cloth and cover the tip with a little lubricant like petroleum jelly. 2. If you can, tell someone else to hold the cat by the front paws, so that it is easier for you to continue (always gently). 3 Don't use preservatives in the stand water. They can be toxic if consumed by a thirsty pet. Carefully cover the top of the stand with a tree skirt so your pet can't get to it. Lights can get very hot - remove them from the lower branches of the tree so they won't burn a curious cat. Tinsel is dangerous. Its sharp edges can cause cuts in.

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Petroleum jelly can smother ear mites and remove wax. If home remedies do not seem to be working, you may have to take Kitty to a vet. Mites are contagious so you need to treat all of your pets and do some serious house cleaning. Your veterinarian can recommend a medicated topical treatment for mites Don't do this to your wounds. Don't apply a topical antibiotic. Studies show that petroleum jelly is just as effective as an antibiotic ointment for non-infected wounds. Don't douse a minor wound with antiseptics like iodine or hydrogen peroxide. They're actually harmful to the skin and can delay wound healing It contains petroleum. Neosporin consists of several antibiotics suspended in a petroleum jelly base. Dr. Oz advises us to steer clear of any products that list petroleum jelly or mineral oil on the ingredient list. The European Union has banned many petroleum jelly products, and experts are concerned they could be linked to cancer

Paw-gel cat supplements are tasty and convenient ways to deliver condition specific ingredients to finicky, impossible-to-pill felines. There is no petroleum jelly, wheat, corn, soy or artificial colors and flavors Joined Apr 22, 2005. ·. 2,248 Posts. #6 • Oct 31, 2005. I did it a few months ago on my new CF tank. Just use the white lithium grease. And as Ducpainter stated, DO NOT use anyhing with silicone in it. And that includes any wax with silicone in it as well. 3M makes a product called hand glaze that was recommended to me to use on my fresh paint Place a dot of non-petroleum jelly on the nose of your cat so that the animal can lick it off. OR. Approximately one time per week, add a teaspoon of fish oil to your cat's food. OR . Add some canned pumpkin or bran to each of your cat's meals (about a spoonful The ASPCA explains that the petroleum in the product causes the distress. The Veterinary Poisons Information Service considers petroleum jelly to have low toxicity for dogs. The service indicates that no significant steps need to be taken when a dog consumes petroleum jelly If your cat or dog has dried out paws, then put a dab of petroleum jelly on the pads of their paws. It will help moisten and soothe the paws. Their paws are quite uncomfortable and you would not know because they cannot communicate it. However, a dab of vaseline will help. #13 - A Blister Remed

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Plain petroleum jelly is also undesirable as an inexpensive alternative to commercial cat hairball preparations because the oil will bind oil soluble vitamins in the gut, so deficiency of these particular vitamins may result. Cod-liver oil is also not recommended because it contains excessive amounts of vitamins A and D To understand a little about why dog owners use petroleum jelly in the first place, it helps to understand where it came from (and why it became so popular). The base material for petroleum jelly was discovered in 1859 by Robert Chesebrough, a chemist by training, who was visiting oilfields in Pennsylvania Petroleum jelly prevents the wound from drying out and forming a scab; wounds with scabs take longer to heal. This will also help prevent a scar from getting too large, deep or itchy. As long as the wound is cleaned daily, it is not necessary to use anti-bacterial ointments. After cleaning the wound and applying petroleum jelly or a similar. Petroleum Jelly: Uses, Benefits, Dangers, and More. Posted: (8 days ago) Heal minor skin scrapes and burns. A study shows that petroleum jelly is effective in keeping skin Moisturize your face, hands, and more. Face and body lotion: Apply petroleum jelly after a shower. Help for pet paws

Vaseline® Jelly is triple-filtered, ensuring it is truly free from impurities and safe to use. This means that is often used to protect and repair the skin. Moms love it for preventing diaper rash, but it can also be used to protect minor cuts and burns, to soften skin, and to lock in moisture in dry, cracked skin How To Look Like Toenail Fungus Who Has Fungix Nail Fungus Care Toenail Fungus Olive Leaf Extract. Petroleum Jelly Nail Fungus How Do I Treat Toenail Fungus Iodine For Foot Fungus Toenail Fungus Otc Pill. Why Would A Person Work To Get Rid Of Athlete S Foot And Not Toe Fungus Wso Nail Fungus Natural Remedy Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment.

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