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  1. How do you color in without painting over your sketch lines? It is also the question with the easiest answer. All you have to do is using a couple of layers. My layers are most of the times in this order
  2. Hey, guys! Here's a quick video on how to color/shade on selected layers in Procreate 4.2!Hope it helps!See more clips and art like this on my instagram @ ww..
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  4. Procreate currently does not have the ability to allow you to separate your line art for coloring, so in this video, I'll show you how to Use Medibang Paint.

Use Color Drop to Change the Color of Your Entire Layer or Layer Elements If you want to completely fill your entire Procreate layer with color, drag your color into your canvas, but not into a specific element. This will flood your layer with color. If you want to change the color of specific elements, drag your color into your desired element Here's how to color inside the lines with Procreate. To color inside the lines with Procreate, use ColorDrop to fill your shape in with white. Turn on the Alpha Lock for that layer, which will prevent you from coloring outside of the lines of that shape

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  1. The Color Palette Panel in Procreate is intuitive and easy to use. If you want to sample a color value, tap the square outline icon on the left menu bar to bring up your color picker. Drag this over the color you wish to sample and it will appear in the color circle in the top menu
  2. first duplicate the image and make one invisible. Then make all the parts to be colored into their own separate layers. then make 1 layer with only the (im guessing) black outlines. make that the top most layer. then color each part to which ever color (s). 6 level
  3. You should draw your line art on a transparent layer, then place another layer under your line art and do the colouring on that one, you should probably use multiple layers for colouring different parts of the drawing instead of doing it all on one, it'll make it easier to change or correct things later

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You're using a Brush that has transparency built into it. There's no way around that effect as a result without opening the.abr file and adjusting the opacity of the stroke which would defeat the purpose of using that brush to begin with. For example here is a Watercolor Brush on white background Dec 15, 2016 General Artist. It's better to draw transparent lineart, then color on a layer below it. If it's already drawn, you can make it transparent if the background is pure white and the lines are dark. Add alpha channel to the layer, if it doesn't have it, then select the alpha channel, and use the option to 'make selection from channel. Learn how to fill shapes FAST & EASY in Procreate!JOIN MY PATREON FOR FREE BRUSHES, COLOR PALETTES & TUTORIALS: https://bit.ly/3u3rhUgLEARN PROCREATE ON SKIL..

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  2. In Recolor mode, you can replace colors in your drawing with the active color. Once Recolor mode is active, a crosshair will appear on the canvas. Drag the crosshair to where you want to change the color. What you see is a live preview until you apply the changes, so try dragging the crosshair around to see how Recolor affects your drawing
  3. For example, you could use the Clipping Mask to color your drawing or add details without going over the lines. Open the Layers menu. If you need to, create a new layer, or make sure the layer is above the drawing you want to clip it to. Tap the layer you want to clip
  4. Alpha Lock is a feature on Procreate that allows you to color on a shape on a single layer without going outside the lines of that designated shape. It makes coloring easy and effective! When coloring inside the lines, it is important to remember it can only be completed over brush strokes that are already over the canvas
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Just follow these steps: Press and hold the color at the top-right corner of the canvas. Drag the color to your shape or drawing. Lift your finger or Apple Pencil, and Procreate will automatically fill the shape with that color Procreate is a raster-based program, which means that its lines and designs are created out of pixels. This is different from a program like Illustrator that creates vectors. For pixel-based programs, there's always a chance of pixelation if the canvas is too small or the design is zoomed in

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Zoom way in, and draw a thinner white line down the middle of your larger color line. (You're going to be applying some blur to this line, so it doesn't have to be perfect.) Size-wise, I'd say to do a little larger than 1/3 of the width of the larger color line. Duplicate that layer, and turn off the visibility on the original A combo of Procreate + Affinity Designer (or a solo AD since it has a pixel feature) meant manually tracing each line art graphic. I added in Adobe Capture to the mix, and found results but too many steps and didn't give me enough control over the results of the tracing. Then came Inkscape In this class I will show you how I create my ink and color illustrations in Procreate®, using my iPad Pro® and Appple Pencil®. I´ll show you the brushes I use, the basic exercises that will help you get used to inking in Procreate®, and I´ll go through my process of setting up the document, creating the basic shapes and outlines, colouring it in, adding details and shading it

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Masking is one of the most powerful features in Procreate and, once mastered, can greatly improve your workflow and make your painting process more enjoyable. In this tutorial, we will learn, first, what masking means in Procreate. Then, we will go over the three different ways to apply masks in Procreate: clipping masks, layer masks, and alpha. Go, get the procreate app and download all the terrific procreate brushes to design your best design in a hassle-free way. Follow all these given steps closely to do it the right way. Last but not least, don't forget to share your outstanding design with us in the comment section below So Color Layer is going to reference Line Layer. Procreate Reference Layers make it very easy to add Fills to your Line Art while still keeping your lines independent, on their own layer. With my Color Layer selected, all I have to do is drag my active color into the space I'd like filled with color

You can find them by going to Adjustment menu. My favorites are Blur, Noise and Curves! They can really add those beautiful finishing touches to your work. 18 Procreate Hair Brushes for Believable Hair Painting. Tip #8. Use Layer Modes. Layer modes were created to help you speed up the process of creating work The other one is by using a layer mask I think period enter if you create a new layer on top of the layer with your art comma click on it and change it to mask clipping, you should be able to draw on it and it will know the bounds of the previous painting without you having to worry about going outside the lines etc 4. Color and Masks: I'm going to go ahead and dive into color. I'll grab the wet paint brush here, wet edge paint brush. I'm on a new layer. I'm going to pick my first color. I'm going to be using basically the same three colors for this entire class. We looked at how to download these color pallets in the first section of the class Tap back over to disc and we have a new empty color palette to fill up. Select the yellow. To save a color, just tap a square in the palette. Let's add all these colors to the palette. You can reorder the colors. Just tap, hold, and drag. To delete a color, tap & hold, then tap delete. For more on color palettes check out my full tutorial

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  1. Procreate Eyedropper tool makes it easy to grab and save hues directly in the app. To activate Eyedropper, simply tap and hold on the screen over the color you like. You'll notice that the color dot in the upper right corner of your screen has changed to match it
  2. Step 6 -. While still being in the selection mode, open up a new layer, and pick a big hard brush. With the color you selected for your outline, go all over your lettering piece. This will cover the selection AKA the lettering outline
  3. The Source Library offers you over 150 unique shapes to use as the basis of your brushes. Access all these shapes from the Shape Editor.Scroll through the collection to browse a shape you want to use. Or use the Search box to search for a particular types of shape's name. For example, searching gouache will find all the shapes based on gouache paint marks
  4. Here are the basic steps: Draw your lettering on layer one. Tap the layer and turn Alpha Lock on. Use a monoline brush and multiple colors to color over your lettering in a colorblock style. Add a second layer. Use a monoline brush to add simple doodles such as lines and dots on your letters. I like to rename my layers to keep things organized.

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In Canva, you can make a transparent overlay by selecting the square element and dragging it over your design. Set the desired color and use the opacity slider to achieve the right transparency level. Lastly, add any text or elements that should go on top of the transparent overlay My problem: In one very report page, I have a line chart with small multiples AND another line chart without. The small multiple line chart for the detailed breakdown and the one without for the average over all multiples as a sort of summary. So far so good. Now, I am using exactly the same column for the legend in both line charts

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  1. d your line thickness. Your drawing will look better if you use a variety of thicknesses. Take a look at my sketch layer to get a sense of that photo
  2. But to do it all in Procreate we would recommend first turning on guides—under the Wrench icon at the top, go to Canvas and turn on Drawing Guide. Then tap, Edit Drawing Guide right underneath. In the toolbar the pops up drag the slider for Grid Size all the way to the right so it's on Max (the guides should divide your canvas into 4.
  3. Rhianna's 8 Go-To Procreate Shortcuts . 1. Use a three-finger swipe down motion to quick cut, copy and paste. 2. Hold and drag a brush stroke to make a straight line, do this and simultaneously hold your finger on the screen to make a perfect straight line. 3. Drag a color with your pencil/finger to a shape or the background to fill it with.
  4. It's the go-to app artists use to draw using the iPad and get their illustration work done on-the-go. Ever since its release in 2011, Procreate came a long way to establish itself as one of the best apps for digital painting. And it opened up a lot of opportunities for artists as well

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For today's tutorial, I'm going to show you how I created the fancy Script letter F. Step One (Optional) If you want to use the same color palette, click here to download it. Follow this tutorial to set up your custom rainbow color palette in Procreate. If you have a different color palette you want to use, skip to step two Color terminology. Here are the words that you need to know. Hue is a true color without tint or shade, like red or orange, for example. This is generally what we mean when we say color. Saturation. Saturation is the intensity of a color. A color with high saturation is far from gray and a color low in saturation is closer to gray Line art, or artwork with only a few high-contrast colors is going to render much more easily into vector format. Technically you can use more detailed art, which I will also show you in this post, but expect to lose a lot of detail and/or be prepared to use your most advanced Illustrator skills to clean it up

Once you are happy with it, ink over it in pen. if the pen needs time to dry, let it do so. Once it is dry, erase the pencil underneath and paint as normal. You may with to go over the lines after wards, the paint will sometimes go over your pen and make it lighter, though that is up to your personal preference To get clean and precise shapes, draw the lines, hold them, and Procreate will make them super straight—the same works for a circle. If you then put your finger on the screen, Procreate will lock the angle on 15 degrees increments. As for the circle, it will make it perfectly round. For my example, I'll use a circle shape

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And for the final step, I'll go back to the top layer, which is the line drawing. Select the layer and fill it with white. 8. Lesson 6 - Coloring the Lines: in this lesson, we're going to do something different. Instead of coloring inside, the lines were going to color the lines themselves. First important the drawing Over 50k+ happy students have learned Procreate from my Intro to Procreate class. You'll be up and running in no time with the fun, concise yet thorough lessons. By the time class is over, creating digital illustrations will feel intuitive and natural as drawing with pencil and paper Today I'm going to explain 3 features that are game-changers: clipping masks, layer masks and alpha lock. I'll explain what each tool is and show you how to use each tool. If you haven't already checked out my intro to procreate post , you may want to read that one first I have a more intense process when I'm color correcting for printing, but for 99% of my digitization I go through the following to make adjustments until it looks right to me. I try to keep it simple and not fiddle TOO much because I personally believe if you try to adjust too much in Photoshop, it is easy to make your art look over-processed One click of this little icon is all it takes to keep from doing our final line art on the wrong layer and wasting our time. When we turn on the Layer Color effect, our selected layer will turn into shades of light blue (the color of the layer can be changed by turning on the Layer Color effect and then clicking on color selection box that appears in the Layer Property window)

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Without further ado, let's look at the steps and go over the things I learned in the process of trying to paint a Ghibli style painting. Ghibli Inspired Background - Step 1: Block in masses. In this guide, I use many more steps than I probably should, but it is just to make sure everyone can follow along easily First, go to Brushes > Airbrushing > Hard Airbrush and pick a brown color from our Palette. Draw the outlines of the body, using our sketch as a reference. Now we can fill it with a solid color. Just drag it from the Colors in the top right using your finger, and drop it onto your outline shape. Make sure that your lines are completely closed Step 3. Roughen your lines. This is the point at which I want to roughen these lines to make them more organic and textured. I start by selecting all of my lines and going to Effect> Distort & Transform> Roughen.. Check the Preview box in the bottom left corner so you can see how the settings effect your lines. For a more subtle roughened look, make the Size 1-2px and check the Absolute and. 1. Autodesk Sketchbook — Tried and Tested. Autodesk Sketchbook is a widely popular program for digital drawing and it's recommended as the best Procreate alternative for Windows 10. The best part is that this powerful program is now available for free to everyone, unlike Procreate which costs $9.99 Copy and Paste: Use this to duplicate anything you want. 5. Hold out 3 fingers again and swipe down to paste. You can paste anything you copied into any Procreate canvas file in your gallery. This comes in handy when you need to make multiple variations of your designs for different purposes

Duplicate your line art layer. Convert the duplicate to a selection mask. the layer, then Convert ‣ to Selection Mask. Invert the selection mask. Select ‣ Invert Selection. Make a new layer, and do Edit ‣ Fill with Foreground Color. And you should now have the line art on a separate layer A super handy tool for those working in line art. I created a video tutorial and an article on it that you can read/watch here: Procreate Reference Layer Tutorial + Color Drop (Video). Combine Down. Combines the selected layer with the one below it into a group. Merge Down combines the content of 2 layers into 1 layer

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Adobe Creative Cloud is the best for making digital downloads, but it costs roughly $600 a year, (which I definitely earn back.) However, when I was starting out, that was a hard thing to justify purchasing. Adobe also offers smaller plans that only include Photoshop and Lightroom, or even just Illustrator Using a set of screen-captures from the app, this tutorial in the Procreate Folio shows you how to create a limited color lino cut. While it might seem complicated at first, this style is just a series of steps with images adjustments. You can even grab the attached assets and work through it on your own to get a match. 5 Ways to Make an. The central hub for Procreate® discussion. Support your most requested features, connect with artists all over the world, and find help when you need it Procreate is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to digital drawing. However, the real power is in the brushes, which you can download many free Procreate brushes. If you want the best possible experience, finding the best brushes can take you a long way. These free brushes are here to help you drastically improve your drawing experience

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Now start to line up the top layers with the base layer, the opacity will allow you to see when things line up exactly. Keep in mind you may have to tilt and turn your scans slightly to match it perfectly. Now that you've scanned your artwork and set it up, you should play around the the brightness and color in Photoshop To achieve a gradual change, overlap slightly in the middle and then gradually overlap each layer as you go on. A colorless blending pencil can help you blend the colors without the need for more pigment. To achieve this, start with a nice layer of the colorless blender before adding the lightest color Using Grisaille Underpainting to Reproduce Titian's Venus Anadyomene Grisaille is a fine arts term applied to a monochromatic, grayscale style of painting. Grisaille painting is often used in decorative art or to reproduce the appearance of relief sculpture, however it can also be used as an underpainting for portraiture, still life, and other genres of art Neither members nor non-members may reproduce such samples in any other way (e.g., to republish in a book or use for a commercial purpose) without SHRM's permission Procreate is the most powerful and intuitive digital illustration app available for iPad. It's packed with features artists love, and it's an iPad exclusive

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Instead of using continuous lines going back and forth, create circles instead. Put your colored pencil to the paper and start creating small, light circles going on top of one another without lifting your pencil from the paper. The more circular marks you layer on top of one another, the more vibrant the color you'll create 20. Pencils and Paint Texture Kit For Procreate. This kit contains over 100 vibrant textures to bring color and energy to your designs. Authentically sourced from real art materials these textures will save you hours of changing colors for each stroke or searching for that perfect brush to achieve a realistic result As an example, we'll go over how to create a color palette. This way you'll have quick access to your most-used colors without disrupting your workflow. First, you should create a separate layer to house your palette colors for color picker. Just follow these steps: Tap on the layers tool to the left of the color selection tool Hatching. Hatching is a practice that has been around in pencil art for ages. When it comes to making art with colored pencils, this is an absolute staple as far as color pencil techniques go. Fortunately, this easy process requires very little beyond mere patience, and it can offer a lot in terms of appearance

The saturation and brightness jitters allow the brush colour to vary away from the foreground and background colours. This gives a decent range of colours without going too far from your core colours. Now set the brush size to pretty large (50-100px+), low opacity, and block in colours across the map. On the first pass it will change a lot The full range of paintbrushes, plus any you've created or imported into Procreate, can be accessed by clicking twice on the paintbrush icon in Procreate. And this is where Procreate really sets itself apart from other painting apps. Within the brush studio, you can play around with the brush to manipulate it to act just the way you want

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Jan 2, 2021 - COFFEE SHOP COLOR PALETTE FOR PROCREATE WHATS INCLUDED: 1 .swatch file to be used in the procreate app HOW TO USE: 1. Download file 2.Open File In Procreate 3. You Colors are Ready to Use! This file can not be redistributed, resold, or recreated Try to get your glaze color as close to white without it actually lightening the pencil strokes beneath. This will allow you to paint more layers without going too dark and ultimately produce better results. A few well placed brush strokes will go a long way in achieving a realistic look A2A This depends on the effect you want to create. Do you want the scan to be a realistic representation of your pencil drawing? Or, do you want the digital version to be cleaned and further processed in tools such as Photoshop (to add color maybe.. These Procreate brushes have a beautiful authentic look and are lots of fun to work with. Download Source Procreate Lettering Toolkit. Over 290 brushes for Procreate. All created to emulate the tools that professional lettering artists keep handy. Open up your world to experimentation with a wide variety of brushes and tools My go-to color for shadows is indigo blue mixed with the complementary carmine red. go over the lines that are in the dark parts of the painting and make them a bit thicker. Procreate brushes, the 30-day lettering planner, printables, and more! COUNT ME IN! Pin me! About the author. Claudia Riveros

Method 3: Paths Tool. This is the method that requires the most skill and takes the most time, but it's also the best method of using GIMP to delete background to transparent in my opinion because it produces the cleanest, most professional result. This is the method that was used to crop the bird image in the header of this post — the. Adjusting the color quality setting in Windows may be necessary to resolve issues with the color display on monitors and other output devices like projectors. The place you need to go to change this setting was moved starting in Windows 7 , so be sure to follow the steps below that are appropriate for your specific version of Windows Bottom line, size matters. It can make or break a design. I will go over the top standard print locations and suggest a bunch of alternative print locations that will set your design apart. Imri Merritt is an industry veteran with over 10 years of graphic design and color separations experience in the screen printing industry Don't ask others to debug your broken code without giving a hint what sort of problem they should be searching for. Posting a few hundred lines of code, saying it doesn't work, will get you ignored. Posting a dozen lines of code, saying after line 7 I was expecting to see <x>, but <y> occurred instead is much more likely to get you a response 2. Select a setting for your story to take place. Setting refers to the time and place where a story happens. If your story is going to be about a cowboy, for example, your setting might be the wild west, a long time ago or Kansas, 1880.. Pick a setting that makes sense for your story and you can draw

There are over 2,000 different species of termites with over 40 species in the United States alone. Although they have distinct characteristics, most look similar. They typically measure between 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch long and have soft bodies with straight antennae. The queens and kings are larger, capable of reaching over one inch long Go ahead and link the tool between the two nodes. As a result, a new window will pop up in the top right corner of the screen. Here you have all the settings of the Delta Keyer tool! Step 3 - Select the colour. The first thing you want to do is to drag the color selector over the screen and release it over the color you want to key

Both Adobe Fresco and Procreate can export artwork to PSD files, which is important for me, as someone who works in Photoshop a lot. I often find myself drawing in Procreate, jumping over to Photoshop, and then going back to Procreate. I could easily do the same in Fresco, but it wasn't necessarily a process that was vastly improved Then go to the text color drop-down. select <<<gradient>>> Then <<<more gradients>>> and <<<gradient fill>>> The color stoppers will come up just as in Powerpoint. From this point, you can make adjustments to the positions of the sliders, add or remove colors and set up gradient direction just as you would in PowerPoint. To use the color. The Line/Curve option could be a better alternative. That enables you to draw out straight lines. Select Tools > Line/Curve, and drag a straight line along the edge of the object and press Enter. Then drag more lines around the foreground object's perimeter and connect them together without any gaps Once you change the RGB color channels you can drag this newly created black outline icon over to the Swatches panel so you can use it in the future. Be The Pencil. Now, trace over your sketch and get a feel for the Pencil Tool. Obviously if you are using a tablet this will be much easier than with using a mouse Step 1 - Setup the color palette. The color palette is found at the bottom of the screen. To the right of the palette is an arrow that when clicked brings up the Palette Menu. The palette Inkscape Default is usually selected but you can choose from a host of palettes. We will use Create rectangles and squares to make up our palette