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If your old hard drive is functioning properly, then you won't face any issue accessing its data. All you need to do is connect it to your new computer and access its storage. Though, certain conditions should be met: The operating system of the new PC should support the hard drive Step 1 Launch DiskGenius and click Tools > Clone Disk, as follows: Step 2 Choose the old hard drive where you want to get data and click OK button. Step 3 Select the destination disk and click OK button. If you have important data on the destination disk, copy data to another disk Open Disk Management through the Start menu. Right-click on your external drive's icon. If you find unallocated space, then click on New Simple Volume and click on Next. Assign a letter to the drive and click on Next

Just open the partitions on the old disk to use the old files and folders. Then, you can take some measures to get files from the old disk, for example, pull data from hard drive to your new PC. Of.. If you have placed the old drive into another computer as a slave then any Admin Account can access all of the files in that account unless it was encrypted with BitLocker or similar. Just use File Explorer and look for X:\Users\Your User Name\ where X is the letter assigned to the drive by your computer The Windows Way is to locate the folder in Windows File Explorer, right click on the folder containing the files you want to access, and click on properties. That'll take you to the properties dialog: (In the example above I right clicked on a folder called drivers to get this dialog. I have a hard drive that was pulled from a PC that has gone bad. It appears that the OS on the drive is bad, ie: blue screen of death. I need to access the files on the hard drive however; the.

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  1. Jeff Hudgins removed the hard drive from a dying computer, and via USB plugged it into a new PC. But he can't access his files. They're encrypted
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  3. If you take into account this method then you will have two options: First, cloning the old hard drive and secondly, copying just the data. Option 1: Cloning the Old Hard Drive: Step 1: Connect the new hard drive to the laptop with the help of USB cable. Step 2: Use the cloning software and clone the old hard drive onto the new hard drive
  4. Sometimes your computer can't access any data on your mass storage device such as USB or External Hard drive, because your USB or external hard drive mass storage is corrupted. Try to do this way when it happens on your Windows operating system. 01. Go to My computer > Select your USB drive. 02

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  1. Solution 1: Update or Reinstall Hard Drive Drivers Step 1: Connect the hard drive to your PC and launch Device Manager.Next, select Universal Serial Bus Controllers.Step 2: In that view, right-click the hard drive and hit Uninstall.Disconnect the hard drive after. Step 3: Now, reconnect the hard drive to your computer, open Device Manager and click Universal Serial Bus Controllers again
  2. To take ownership of a file or folder in Windows 10 without using third party tools. Open File Explorer, and then locate the file or folder you want to take ownership of. Right-click the file or folder, click Properties, and then click the Security tab. Click the Advanced button. The Advanced Security Settings window will appear
  3. In case the drive is partitioned, but still, you can't access the drive from another device, then probably it is not formatted as NTFS. At times many devices can't read the Windows NTFS file system. To fix this problem format the drive with the FAT32 file system
  4. After the power got back, the hard drive suddenly gone and when I check the list of drives under Disk Management, it showed up as Disk 1 - Unallocated. Definitely, you can't access a partition in Windows if this partition is unallocated space. Unallocated space in disk refers to a kind of space which is not created with partition currently
  5. If you still can't access your external hard drive without formatting, you should use a data recovery software solution like Disk Drill to recover all important files from it. Disk Drill supports all major file systems (NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, EXT3/EXT4/, HFS, APFS) and lets you recover up to 500 MB for free

I have an old laptop that cannot turn on anymore. I was wondering if I take out the hard drive, will i be able to plug it in to my new laptop with an adapter to access my files? Another question I have is, lets say that I had files that were on my desktop in the old laptop, will i still be able to a.. I started by creating a system recovery USB stick and creating a backup of my files to an external hard drive. Then I installed the new drive, disconnected the old drive and booted using the USB. The OS installed fine and the PC was RAGING fast. Wow, I'm on the right track. Next I re-connected the old drive and upon boot, it returned to that drive Envío Gratis en Pedidos de $59 Re: Can't access files off old hard drive despite computer recognizing it. Depending on circumstance, it may be time to consider a data recovery service - that's the surest way to recovery, but it won't be inexpensive. Just about anything you do yourself now has the possibility of rendering the drive completely unrecoverable, so consider that. That you can access the drive at all is good. Your personal files should be in C:\documents and settings\username. There should be multiple folders in documents and settings, one for each user plus and administrator and an all users folder. Try opening the folder for your old username

Because a file is associated with a user ID, system ID and just reinstalling an old hard drive to another computer will not assign a new user ID/system ID to the files The hard drive is from an old Dell that was running XP, my current operating system is 7. When I click the folder, it says You do not have permission to access this folder The only option is Continue which leads to it just telling me I've been denied permission to access the folder

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I can't open the main file on the drive because it is password protected. I get the message F:\Documents and Settings\MOM is not accessible. Access is denied. I tried to access the drive directly by making it the first drive at boot up but all I get is a blue screen (which is why I have her hard drive in the first place) Take the 5 ways to access hard disk data without OS. Back up or recover data from hard disk without OS, including recover hard drive on another computer, freeze your hard drive, copy files from the command prompt or recover data from hard drive with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard bootable media software The old drive which is the one I am trying to access has some music files and email that I would like to have. The photos on the old drive are backed up on redundant external drives. This is not a do or die thing as I have most (90%) of the music on another external drive If you take into account this method then you will have two options: First, cloning the old hard drive and secondly, copying just the data. Option 1: Cloning the Old Hard Drive: Step 1: Connect the new hard drive to the laptop with the help of USB cable. Step 2: Use the cloning software and clone the old hard drive onto the new hard drive

Can't Access Files on Old Hard Drive . Home. Hardware and Software Forum . Microsoft Windows Forum . Discussion / Question . WolfyB. 9 Years Ago. My old laptop broke a while back and the hard drive was somewhat intact but just wouldn't boot. I now have a new desktop and bought a 2.5 IDE Hard Drive Enclosure so I could get all my info The old hard drive is on and spinning. When I look under my Devices and Printers, the USB to SATA cable shows up, but I still cannot see or access the old drive. I have the same problem. Using Computer Management, clicked on Storage, clicked on Disk Management, the old hard drive (using a USB to SATA cable) is listed as Disk 1 Can't see old user folder on external HDD To make things easier, I'm also replacing my SDD (C: operating system drive), and HDD (E: installed programs and general use drive). I have an 8Tb external hard drive (F: Backup and storage drive) which I stored data I wanted to transfer to my new HDD This video tells how to show hidden files in external hard drive and how to recover effectively and quickly recover lost data with MiniTool Power Data Recove..

The content of the hard drive is often visible, but Windows or Mac OS X is unable to transfer data from it. Even worse, the disk might appear to be empty. What you need, then, is a data recovery software solution designed to deal with scenarios like this. Step 3: Recover Files from Dead Hard Drive Using Disk Dril However, I still cannot access the My Document folder in the old hard drive. Is there any way of unlocking this folder from my old hard drive (now connected to the new computer using USB2.0. But on an old hard drive of mine, I am trying to delete the old Windows XP system files. I got 99% of it done, but it refuses to delete the folder for Macromedia Flash. Even when I take ownership of the folder, the subfolders and the files individually it still says, You require permission from Katie-Desktop/Katie to make changes to this.

Quick Fix for Second Hard Drive Not Detected In Windows 10: 1. Go to Search, type device manager, and press Enter.; 2. Expand Disk drives, find the second disk drive, right-click on it, and go to Update driver software.; 3. Follow further updates instructions and your hard disk drive will be updated I can't access my external hard drive from my laptop. But when connect to other laptop using win 7 it easily open. 117549 Drive E not showing NTFS file system. 117550 Pop up when I tried to open Drive E. This is so frustrating Its not my.. I did not want to do a clean install as I have 3 years worth of pictures and video on my hard drive. So I looked at this as an opportunity to purchase a new Corsair 60gb SSD. My thinking was I can use this as by OS drive and would then still be able to access and use the files on my original Seagate 750gb mechanical drive as a data drive

Access is denied location is not available, Working tutorial for Local disk Access denied error, Can't access hard drive, Access is denied external hard dri.. I have a Maxtor M3 Portable external hard drive, which has stopped working recently. It is being recognized when I plug it in, but the storage isn't being displayed and I can't see the files on it. When I try to open it it says that the directory isn't available So my old pc (old as in I recently got a new one) recently had its main drive corrupted and I have been trying to recover files off of it the hitch is its password protected as in the windows password program is protecting it but I can't disable it as it was the boot partition and system partition that was hit hardest and I can't access the. When you can't see files on hard drive Windows 10 or encounter files missing from external hard drive but still taking up space, there is a possibility that the files are just hidden. If this is the case, you can just follow the steps in this article to unhide the file and that's simple. 2. File System is damaged or corrupted

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Stuck on Windows Permissions? Try this little trick that always works. Works with all versions of Windows I do have admin authorised account, but I can't go into the files on my external hard-disk, as it says I don't have access to them. I tried doing to take full control, but can't edit the the. However, the previous two times (one of which is a new hard drive), after retrieving a few files, it freezes up my computer than I can never access it again. I only get a red light on the adapter, I hear the windows connection or recognition of the drive, but can't view any files Accessing old files in OS X after a hard drive upgrade. When managing hard drive upgrades or replacements, sometimes you might run into permissions problems when attempting to access data on the.

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1. A hard drive data recovery tool: this is the software that can be used to recover your data on the unbootable hard drive. Such software can access hard drives that are corrupt and fetch files therein. While there is numerous software in this category nowadays, Recoverit stands out Once the old drive is connected to the new computer, in any of the ways above, you should be able to view the old files. At that point, you can proceed to the recovery stage. Recover your files, settings, profile and programs from the broken computer's hard drive. At this stage, you can access the old files on the new computer The hard drive was now 12Gb free of 74.5G but I can't access my old files there since it was infected by W32.daprosy before. HELP! Can I still recover my files there? Or if not, is there any other way to delete the files there so I can put new files

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Once the old drive is connected to the new computer, in any of the ways above, you should be able to view the old files. At that point, you can proceed to the recovery stage. Recover your programs, files, settings from the corrupted hard disk. At this stage, you can access the old files on the new computer. This already a big step forward It will only repair the file system of your hard drive. If Toshiba hard drive repair fails, you can change the drive letter back to its previous one. 4 Check and Repair Toshiba Drive. Sometimes the external hard drive is not visible in Windows Explorer, but if you check it in Disk Management, it appears there. Check it with the below steps I ordered an external hard drive case with a usb cable from newegg.com. That set me back $15.00. I removed the hard drive from my emachines computer and put it into the hard drive case. I then plugged the old emachines hard drive in using the included usb cable to my HP computer

The program scans your hard drive that turned to RAW or shows different errors like Parameter is incorrect, Reformat the drive etc, recovers each files located on it and presents them in two simple view types. You can easily find your adequate data based on its modified date, file name, file types, etc in less time frame Hello, I'm having a similar problem, but with Windows 7 -- I've just finished installing it, and I'm having trouble restoring a backup I made with Vista Ultimate, my previous OS. Here are the full details of my situation: 1) I backed up my files (not the entire system) to a USB external hard drive. 2) I deleted the partitions that contained my old OS, Vista After that, you can access the hard drive from File Explorer. Solution 2. Initialize external hard drive. When the external hard drive is not initialized and appears as an unallocated space or without showing disk capacity, you can initialize it as follows: 1. Right click the hard drive that needs to be initialized. 2 Without the support of a file system, the operating system can't read the drive and help you retrieve lost data from it. But NTFS hard drives are prone to corruption, formatting, or even physical damage, which may lead you to data loss. Although, if you lose data, you may recover it easily with a NTFS hard drive recovery software Type Control Panel in the windows search box and open it. In Control Panel, select File Explorer Options. In the View tab, click on Show hidden files, folders, and drives. Now, uncheck Hide protected operating system files and click OK to access the Recycle bin on the external hard drive

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When I access the old hard drive, much of the information such as emails, documents, downloads, etc. are just a bunch of letters and numbers. Is there anything that can be done to be able to use the old hard drive in an external unit and make sense of what is in the emails, etc. Thanks so much for your time and help. I really appreciate it can't find appdata folder on old hard drive - posted in Windows Vista: i recently had a hard drive that broke, i sent it in to a data recovery place and it was cloned onto a new drive.

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Step 2. Clone data from the old hard drive. Now, you the data on the old hard drive is retrieved by your computer, and you can move some files, and data you need to your PC. But if you want to move all data the hard drive or one partition of it, it is wiser to employ a cloning tool to do so because copy-and-paste operation can't move the whole. If you don't have the information, select More Options > Enter Recovery Key. Enter the recovery key to unlock the drive. Once you enter the recovery key, the drive will unlock and you can access the files on it. The ID displayed here will help you find the correct recovery key if you have multiple saved keys to choose from On Windows PC: Open the Windows File Explorer, double-click to check the hard drive data. On Mac: Double-click the disk icon on the desktop and check if you can access the hard drive and its data. If you can access your Mac hard drive, then you can select the files you want and save them on your chosen location. Way 3

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Step 3: Delete the WindowsApps folder on the non-system drive. The unused WindowsApps folder on your secondary drive or external hard drive can be deleted by taking ownership of the folder and assigning your account full control permissions for the folder. (The procedure is the same as deleting the Windows.old folder using Command Prompt. 0. 510. 0. May 28, 2018. #1. I just put an SSD into my PC and installed windows to it (Disconnected my HDD to avoid losing things) I then plugged my HDD back in and set SSD to boot priority. When I get to my desktop, I can see both drives and all files on them, but I can't use anything on my old HDD without moving it to my SSD, so my PC is. OS: Windows 10 Pro Build: 19043 I got a new pc and so I added my old hard drive to transfer files easier and have it as extra storage. Some files such as the files under D:/Users/(myuser) aren't accessible and I don't know how to regain access

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Now right click the drive, folder or file you cannot access due to lack of adequate permissions, Click on take ownership in the right click context menu, wait a few second to complete the operation, and use the files as you did it earlier. Attached Files. takeownership.zip (622 Bytes, 405 views) My System Specs. Computer type PC/Desktop Here we will show you some possible ways to solve two kinds of access denied problem: USB or external hard drive access denied and file/folder access denied. Hard Drive Is Not Accessible. Access Is Denied. Usually, when the access to a drive gets denied unexpectedly, it is on an external hard drive or USB flash drive After installation, run it on your old computer. Select the hard drive where you lose your files. You also can connect your old hard drive to a new computer and recover lost data. Step 2: Select file types you want to recover. Do Your Data Recovery supports to recover all types of lost files from your old computer or hard drive Press and hold or right-click the file or folder, and then click Properties. Tap or click the Security tab. Under Group or user names, tap or click your name to see the permissions that you have. To open a file, you have to have the Read permission. To change the permissions of a file or folder, follow these steps

It didn't work in my case (hard drive was fried, couldn't read it at all), but when I use it to plug the boss' old hard drive into my laptop at work, I can read it and see the files in file explorer. The problem comes when I try to open any of those files or copy them over to my laptop I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is, I'm convinced that the hard drive in my machine, although the computer was custom built for me, has had a pre-used hard drive put in and the directory and files I am seeing are from a previous but not correctly deleted installation i.e. Windows 7 is seeing them as shared files

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If you have laptop hard drive and need to connect it to a desktop PC, you can get drive bays designed for laptop hard drives that will allow you to safely connect the laptop's hard drive to another desktop. Power on the other PC, booting its standard operating system from its main hard drive, and copy the files from your old computer's hard. I need to access the computers hard drive to take company data off of it, wipe the machine, and then return the laptop to the employee. The problem is that the machine is domain connected to an old AD that I do not have access to, and I also do not have the information for a local admin account In many cases, files in damaged partition will be listed directly. If not, move to step 3; select the disk / partition Windows can't access and click File Recovery button. Click Start button and PartitionGuru starts to find files and folder in the corrupt partition The old hard drive has windows 7 OEM and would not boot with the new MB. I need to recover the bookmarks from the old HD which is connected to the new MB. I can access the folders. I just can't find the bookmarks. I need them to be complete because I used hints in the bookmarks to be able to sign in to some sights that I can't remember. Help. Take Ownership & Grant Permissions for Entire Hard Drive Page 1 of 10 This was written specifically for Windows 7, but much of it applies to Vista and XP. When you connect a previously used hard drive to a new or different computer, either as an internal or external drive, you will not have ownership of that drive. When you try to view, ad

I put a new hard drive in my computer, and put my old hard drive in a SATA Drive Enclosure. Dell told me I would be able to access all my old information this way, but I can find only some of it. My primary concern is that all of my son's Itunes music is gone Here are two methods to get files off a hard drive that won't boot. Method 1: Connect the drive to a working computer either with a USB cable or by removing the damaged drive and putting it in an external disk enclosure. Access the drive and move the files to a safe storage location. Method 2 The Windows 10 can't copy or move files cases can be divided into the following 6 types; please read them with care to find out the best solutions for fixing file or folder access denied. Can.

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In there, he explains how to remove the hard drive from your laptop and connect via USB to another computer so you can see the old hard drive's files. If it was a desktop computer, then read here and here. Just remember, if you're going to get an enclosure/case for your hard drive, get one that's 2.5 inches if your Vista computer was a laptop. The LiveUSB will have some sort of file explorer, like Windows Explorer. Open that and see if you can access your HDD with it. If you can find your files, you should be able to copy them to your external hard drive. Remove the HDD and Connect to Another Computer. This may seem a little extreme, but it can work well How to recover files from a hard drive, for both mac's and pc's, desktops and laptops. If you are looking to recover corrupted or deleted files try this free.. Bottom line: Removing the hard drive/SSD (and the optical disc if there is one) from a PC will indeed completely remove all of your files from the machine. Bonus tip: If one of those older computers is still in working order you might want to consider replacing Windows with Linux on it and using it as an Internet-only PC instead of recycling it