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While wetting the material, something that would naturally occur during the power-washing of the cement-asbestos roof surface, would be expected to reduce the airborne level of asbestos during the actual washing process, although when properly peformed, wetting to control asbestos particle release includes the addition of a wetting agent to the spray before it is applied Power-washing roof shingles is one of the more common home-renovation projects that can expose people to asbestos. Since asbestos causes mesothelioma, homeowners should consider the health concerns before hiring a company or performing the task themselves. Using Asbestos on Roof Shingles: Why It Happene Never use high-pressure water or compressed air on asbestos products and be careful when working on asbestos roofs - they are brittle and you can easily fall.. Although not an HSE approved cleaning method, steam offers several advantages over the use of closed box pressure washing for cleaning asbestos roofs. When proper precautions are taken to reduce the chance of workers stepping off safety platforms and contamination prevention methods are in place, steam is very useful

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In April 2017, a contractor used a high-pressure water to clean an asbestos roof and caused widespread asbestos contamination. Neighbours were forced to vacate their properties during the clean-up process. If asbestos is disturbed, you are at risk of inhaling airborne asbestos fibres Cleaning a fibrous cement sheeting roof with a high-pressure water spray can destroy the roof surface, causing cement debris and asbestos to spray into the air and result in widespread contamination. A PCBU must not use, or direct or allow a worker to use, high pressure spray on asbestos or ACM It's going to be one that is bleach-based or has a mildicide in it. You're going to have to spray that down and let it soak and, after that, you can use the pressure washer to clean the roof and brighten it up. But the other thing is if you use too much pressure, you're going to start to blast some holes in that asbestos Clean your asbestos roof in an environmental and safe way with Aquila Triventek high pressure model TD404 with built-in asbestos filtration - maing the roofc.. Pressure cleaning an asbestos roof in Qld is illegal under the Public Health Act and there have been people prosecuted recently for it. They have had to pay the clean up costs of all of the surrounding properties and this has included removal of plants and even the grass. So the costs have run into the the $200k plus range

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  1. A number of fungicidal wash products exist on the market that can help clear moss and other fungal growth from asbestos roofs. Most are simply diluted bleaches that kill moss on contact, resulting in it detaching from the roof surface and falling into the gutters
  2. When you say asbestos shingles, I presume you mean asbestos 'siding' shingles. These are easily prepared and easy to repaint. You can power wash any loose paint or simply scrape and remove any..
  3. Often times, homeowners use a high pressure washer to clean siding, roofing, or cement that contains asbestos. Mesothelioma, which is a form of cancer caused by the particles, can be spread through such methods, so contacting a qualified asbestos removal specialist would be the wisest bet to ensure your safety and productivity

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  1. The use of pressure water cleaning equipment to clean asbestos cement (AC) roofing is prohibited under the Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1992 (HA Regs) and Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 (OSH Regs)
  2. The Closed Box Pressure Washing System is currently the only asbestos roof cleaning method approved by the HSE and our approved contractors have the closed box pressure washing equipment necessary to complete this type of cleaning
  3. Asbestos Softwashing can clean an asbestos roof without the conventional high-pressure jets and the risk they carry. It is long-lasting, deep cleaning, and safe. Softwashing UK can treat asbestos roofs for organic growth
  4. ated air and run off water. The use of a qualified asbestos remediation company. There are also a whole list of EPA, WorkSafe and other requirements that you probably can't be bothered reading now
  5. ated dust or debris scattered across the yard and two neighbouring properties
  6. ation to the building beneath. A closed box pressure washer is an approved method of cleaning. This is a box rather like a patio cleaning.

Title: Cleaning asbestos roofs. A clean roof can make your house look fantastic but if you've got an asbestos roof there's a few things you'll need to consider to keep you and your neighbourhood safe from deadly asbestos fibres. If your house was built before the 1990's, there's a good chance it contains asbestos Roof Cleaning by Using the Correct Chemicals. One of the most gentle yet effective ways to remove roof moss and clean the roof is by way of scraping. A normal 9″ trowel is suitable, if your roofing contractor chooses a dry day any moss will flake off the roof much easier and there won't be any scratch marks on the tiles Pressure Washing. We have been restoring asbestos roofing for more than 41 years. We are also known as the Asbestos-One Company. roofing website. Asbestos-one is a division of the. Mr. Clean Pressure Washing Company. look at more amazing photos with other info on asbestos roofing. Click a picture to get there ˜ Clean the equipment and the area with damp rags.˜ Put debris, used rags, polythene sheeting, paintbrush and other waste in the asbestos waste bag and tape it closed.˜ Put the asbestos waste bag..

How To Pressure Wash Your Gutters Clean Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Gutters. Power washing out your gutters each season is required because it allows water to freely flow from the roof down the pipes and out through the storm drains. If the gutters and down spouts are plugged the water will start to flood your yard when it rains As stated at ASBESTOS ROOFING / SIDING POWER WASHING we do not recommend power-washing asphalt shingles nor asbestos-cement roof shingles nor any other roofing product that can be damaged by high pressure spraying. Raking off roof moss: using a flexible leaf rake to remove moss, providing the raking is done gently, may be easier than brushing. From start to finish, how does a spray foam contractor encapsulate asbestos on a roof? They start by washing the asbestos panel down with a garden hose. The use of a power washer is typically used to clean a surface before a spray foam installation, but with asbestos present, you could break off flaking chips, thus disturbing it and releasing. OSHA asbestos regulations (29 CFR 1910.1001, 1915.1001, and 1926.1101) Special O&M Cleaning Practices. Wet Cleaning. Proper O&M cleaning will involve the use of wet cleaning or wet-wiping practices to pick up asbestos fibers. Dry sweeping or dusting can result in asbestos fibers being re-suspended into the building's air and therefore should.

I've beaten this one to death YES YES YES it is the best way to remove the moss/algae/lichen from your roof when the main roof has either clay, concrete tiles, slates, asbestos and metal roofing sheets. But pressure washing is NOT for shingles or garage flat roofs it bears repeating that, next to positioning your home in the path of a tornado. Avoid processes that will cause dust, and use wetting to minimise dust release.For example, when cleaning weathered external asbestos like an asbestos cement roof, do not dry scrape, use a high pressure water hose or hard brush to remove debris from the surface.Instead, apply a biocide (diluted with water) to the surface, using a soft bristle/hair brush that does not scour the surface or just applying the solution liberally, over the surface

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  1. If the materials remain in good condition, roof cleaning via pressure washing would seem to be the answer, but it's not. Even when the roof, siding, stucco or other building materials in question are not friable, meaning that they are intact and not prone to crumbling, power washing materials with asbestos is illegal
  2. SoftWash Platoon Roof and Exterior Cleaning. We kill algae, moss and lichen that are staining and eating your roof. We clean and sanitize buildings by killing the organisms that are growing on them. All without the damaging effects of pressure washing. Call 855-867-7729 for a free estimate
  3. The use of pressure water cleaning equipment to clean asbestos cement (AC) roofing is prohibited under the Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1992 (HA Regs) and Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 (OSH Regs). Pressure cleaning an AC roof can significantly erode the surface layer and cause the release o
  4. Welcome to Mr. Clean Pressure Washing-celebrating 43 years! (1978 to (2021) We are a real pressure washing company, (NO CHEMICALS) chemicals destroy in time! TILE ROOF CLEANING & RESTORATION Asbestos Roofing by Asbestos-One. Tile Roof Restoration . ASBESTOS ROOF RESTORATION TILE ROOF CLEANING & RESTORATIO
  5. Most of the asbestos in U.S. buildings are non-friable and found in vinyl flooring or a building's roof. Roofers can encapsulate the non-friable asbestos with closed-cell spray foam, which provides a physical barrier to protect from exposure to airborne fibers. Once the area is lightly cleaned (no power washers allowed for asbestos), the.

The power washer is going to release particles of asbestos regardless of how careful you are with it. Although most of those particles will be trapped in the water while you are washing it, the water will eventually evaporate and release those particles. Clean-up for something like this could cost even more money Asbestos-One merged as a part of Mr. Clean pressure washing in 1990 due to demand for the service. We are the only company in the world to do asbestos roof restoration & we have been cleaning, repairing & re-coating asbestos slate tile roofs. We are the last of an old school trade All types of roofs can be washed to remove the accumulation of black staining (fungus) as well as green staining, or even lichen. Advanced pressure & gutter cleaning are experts at washing all roof types including asphalt, cedar, asbestos, and even slate roofs to make them look brand new again Fine imposed for high-pressure clean of asbestos roof. A ruling in the Southport Magistrates Court yesterday has again highlighted the dangers of cleaning asbestos roofs and that codes of practice must be followed. A company which operates childcare centres was fined $3,500 for a breach of section 446 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011

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  1. Pressure-Wash Roof Costs. Most contractors don't recommend pressure-washing or power-washing a roof. This is because the water comes out too forcefully and can damage the material. Instead, soft-washing with a garden hose is least likely to chip, dent or crack the tiles or panels
  2. In addition, roof maintenance can be of environmental importance; if your roof is made of asbestos, it will release fibers that are harmful to the environment. A roof renovation consisting of our low-pressure roof washing will prevent this. Thus the advantages of a roof cleaning can be summarized as follows: A durable roof that will yield an.
  3. ate moss growth in the future

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Verify Trade License HomeAdvisor checks to see if the business carries the appropriate state-level license.; Verify Insurance As a part of our screening process, we encourage professionals to carry general liability insurance. We require coverage for hundreds of services. Verification of State Business Filings For business types that require a Secretary of State filing, we confirm that the. 1. Use a wet cleaning method. Wet cleaning asbestos involves mopping the floors and using damp rags to wipe down floors and other surfaces that have been contaminated with asbestos. When cleaning is complete, discard mop heads and rags used to clean asbestos along with the rest of your asbestos-contaminated materials Additionally, soft washing does not utilize harmful high pressure, unlike pressure washing. Soft washing treatments last much longer than power washing treatments. If you're trying to find a means to get rid of what's expanding on the surface of your roofing system, deck or fence, break the cycle of constant power washing and utilize a service.

Painters and pressure washing companies walk away from a house with a clean exterior, but the work they did has caused untold damage inside the walls of the house and other places. There are four main reasons you should never pressure wash your house. Four ways that pressure washing does more harm than good Power broom 5-3. Rotating blade roof cutter 5-4. Slicer and blade 5-5. Roof plow 5-6. accordance with Section 112 of the Clean Air Act (CAA) of 1970. Revised several times to expand coverage and increase· asbestos roofing products (Section 4. 0) . • Describe current roofing removal practices (Section 5. 0) Asbestos Removal and Encapsulation _____ Chapter 296-65 WAC Safety Standards for Asbestos Removal and Encapsulation (Form Number 414-013-000) This book contains rules for Safety Standards for asbestos removal and encapsulation, as adopted under the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act of 1973 (Chapter 49.17 RCW) Property owners can face fines of up to US$50,000 a day if the water used in a pressure washing project contains dangerous chemicals or is allowed to contaminate the storm drain system. As suggested, the EPA is holding property owners accountable at an unprecedented rate. For example, in 2012, the EPA levied a record number $252 million in. We'll clean your gutters, deck, siding, roof and any other part of your home's exterior. We can also install gutter guards to keep your gutters free of debris. Please note we do not power wash surfaces containing asbestos. Set up roof power washing services today by calling 419-233-9080

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use power tools, abrasive cutting or sanding discs, or compressed air on asbestos cement, as these will contribute to airborne dust and debris dry-sand, wire-brush or scrape surfaces to be painted walk on corrugated asbestos cement roofs if it can be avoided - many people have been injured by falling through weathered asbestos cement roofs. The top layer of asbestos will be stripped off when washing or cleaning an asbestos roof with a water blaster/pressure cleaner, creating a wet fibrous sludge. This sludge will then be sprayed up to 15 metres depending on the height of the roof being cleaned and wind conditions, off the roof and onto neighbouring properties. The fibres become. Power washing an asbestos roof can give rise to airborne fibres and is a procedure not allowed by the HSA. The specialised roof cleaning equipment which enable us to wash the roof safely, containing the contaminated water which is then filtered through Hepa filters and solids are disposed of as asbestos waste

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  1. Use a competent, licensed asbestos removalist to do any work relating to asbestos containing products. Don't use power tools to drill, cut, sand or remove materials containing asbestos, as this will release asbestos fibres. Never use a high pressure cleaner to clean asbestos cement roofing or cladding
  2. Asbestos siding achieved its height in popularity between the 1920s and 1970s. Many homes used this type of siding because it was easy to clean and more durable than other substances. Cleaning this siding takes some care since asbestos could be released into the air and cause health problems for those present
  3. See full video on the dangers of pressure cleaning asbestos roofs. See condensed video on the dangers of pressure cleaning asbestos roofs. Controlled use allowed. High speed power tools such as angle-grinders, sanders, saws and drills or any other tools or equipment, such as brooms, that can cause the release of asbestos fibres into the air can.

Cost to Clean a Typical Roof - £450. Quote 2 - Wash Roof and Apply Two Layers of Coloured Coating. To pressure clean the roof on a semi-detached property and then apply two coats of coloured coating the work will take longer and is more dependent on weather conditions Look for asbestos markings on the roofing or siding material or the packages in which they came, or call the manufacturer. Another alternative is to hire a Minnesota certified asbestos inspector to sample the material and submit it for laboratory analysis

asbestos fibres during cleaning or removal. treat, seal and waterproof existing asbestos roof sheeting encapsulate with t sw treats - seals - waterproofs non-toxic lead free uv ray resistant fire retardant algae & moss resistant when high pressure blasting asbestos roofing, the runoff and mist produced will contain asbestos fibres Alternatives Of Asbestos Roof For Installing Solar Panels? Trapezoidal Metal Sheets For Solar Installation. Keeping in mind the longevity of solar panels (minimum 25 years warranty) and frequent roof access to clean the solar panels you can either change your asbestos roof to a metal one or use any open area on the ground (if available). If you. The cost to Pressure Wash Tile Roof starts at $0.39 - $0.48 per square foot, but can vary significantly with site conditions and options. Get fair costs for your SPECIFIC project requirements. See typical tasks and time to pressure wash tile roof, along with per unit costs and material requirements. See professionally prepared estimates for tile roof pressure washing work

Pressure-washing. Since pressure-washing can degrade your roof's protective coating, it is not a recommended method for removing lichen. It can also compromise the seals around windows and doors and damage skylights and roof windows. Also, mold growth can occur underneath your home's siding and get into the inner walls from a forced water. SparkleWash® will clean your roof using our proprietary Shingle Shampoo that contains no lye or bleach. Our Shingle Shampoo is 100% biodegradable and will not harm your pets, grass, plants, and shrubberies. In addition, our methods include a preventive treatment that has longer lasting effects than just bleach. PRESSURE Calculate your roof cleaning prices. The price table below shows all the most common home sizes and roof cleaning and vacuuming pricing in Johannesburg Sealing, painting, coating and cleaning of asbestos cement products. As a first priority removing asbestos-containing material (ACM) must be considered. Where ACM cannot be removed and must be sealed, painted, coated or cleaned, there may be a risk to health. Such tasks can only be carried out on ACMs that are in good condition Paint requires a clean, dry surface, and asbestos roof sheets need to be cleaned to be painted. Abrasive cleaning or cleaning with high pressure water jets will release dangerous amounts of asbestos fibres, polluting the area, causing the very complications you wish to prevent

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Asbestos Cement in Roofing. Due to its fantastic thermal qualities and being extremely fire retardant, it is not surprising that asbestos was extensively used in roofing and insulation in the 20 th century. Cement sheets are one of the most commonly used roofing products that the mineral is found in, and there are still a large number of. Roof cleaning is done to remove moss, lichen, algae, and buildup of other grime and dirt. There are several methods for roof cleaning, which can include a chemical soft wash, pressure washing, low-pressure washing and hand washing. When a chemical soft wash is used, a bleach mixture is sprayed onto the roof - ROOF TILING - ROOF RESTORATION - HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING - ASBESTOS REMOVAL - LEAF FREE GUTTER GUARD-... More. July 22, 2020 at 4:38 AM · Public. Full Story. All Pride roofing and guttering. Now it's easier to call All Pride roofing and guttering. July 22, 2020 at 4:19 AM · Public properly licensed asbestos abatement contractor on site during the demolition. For your convenience, Form DM is provided below. In addition to completing the demolition notice of intent (Form DM), the federal asbestos NESHAP form must also be completed for any residential building with two or more units, commercial or industrial buildings A small roof cleaning job can cost around $300 at the low end. A more complex roof will cost more, and if repairs are needed, expect to pay between $1,000 and $1,500 depending on the extent of the repairs. Roof cleaners take several things into account when giving you a quote for roof cleaning cost. This includes the

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Work with asbestos cement (AC) (non-licensed) A9. Drilling holes in asbestos cement (AC) and other highly bonded materials; A10. Cleaning debris from guttering on an asbestos cement (AC) roof ; A11. Removing asbestos cement (AC) debris; A12. Cleaning weathered asbestos cement (AC) roofing and cladding; A13. Repairing damaged asbestos cement (AC. Chemical Cleaning. Today's Homeowner states that algae stains can be removed by cleaning, though they usually return. While an occasional cleaning might not harm your roof, repeated use of harsh chemicals, or the erosive effects of pressure washing, can damage or shorten the life of asphalt shingles Over time, asbestos roofs become brittle and more prone to damage and asbestos contamination spreading from any damage can lead to high clean-up costs, which may not be covered by your household insurance. Dr Lindsay reminded homeowners they should never use power tools or pressure cleaners to repair or clean an asbestos cement roof Power washing is frequently the most effective way to ready the surface. The stucco could then be painted with either elastomeric or acrylic paint. This is why it's essential to seek professional assistance in the asbestos roof removal process. The professional roofing team knows what is needed to removed asbestos tile safely and replace.

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High Pressure Clean the Asbestos Roof of the Building and Clean Gutters for Covid Ward Cleaning Services, Exterior Cleaning. Tender Location: KwaZulu-Natal. Tender Department/Company: Kwazulu Natal - Health. Facility: Osindisweni Hospital Tender Documents: 486969246.pdf. Tender Documents: Please Login or Register for a Free Account to see. Cleaning tile roofs is easy. As long as you have the appropriate tools and materials, it can even be fun. Here are the basic steps to cleaning your tile roof: 1. Initial Power Wash - Using the pressure washer, wash the roof's surface. Use water to spray off visible dirt and debris including leaves, dead insects, and twigs Super Clean Machine is a power washing company in Long Island that meets the right standards and can leave your business or home looking better than ever. slate, asbestos, and composite roofs that are not in irreparable condition. *Super Clean Machine reserves the right to revoke any and all offers without prior notice Power washing an asbestos roof can give rise to airborne fibres and is a procedure that is not allowed by the HSA. Asbestaway combines the use of specialised roof cleaning equipment with our asbestos expertise, which enables our team to wash an asbestos roof safely Clean and Green Solutions pressure washing company of Kingwood TX, provides a SOFT WASH non pressure roof cleaning service that will remove those black streaks immediately and return your roof to its original color and beauty. Our roof cleaning process uses environmentally safe roof cleaning products that are safe for you and the environment

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Bellevue OH Area No pressure roof cleaning. No damage to damage to roof or yard. 3 year cleaning guarantee. Get a Quote 1-877-377-127 Asbestos Roof Steam Cleaning. The normal accepted practice of using a closed box pressure washing system has several disadvantages, mainly due to the amount of water that is applied to the roof during the cleaning process Roof Washing. All types of roofs can be washed to remove the accumulation of black staining (fungus) as well as green staining, or even lichen. Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning are experts at washing all roof types including asphalt, cedar, asbestos, and even slate roofs to make them look brand new again D 4586 Asphalt Roof Cement, Asbestos-Free D 4479 Asphalt Roof Coatings, Asbestos-Free D 5643 Coal Tar Roof Cement, Asbestos-Free 2.1 10 100 Pressure cleaning 2.1 10 101 Use power washer unit at pressures of 2,000-5,000 psi with flow rates of 4 to 14 gallons per min

Richmond Low Pressure' Roof Cleaning: Our roof wash process involves applying a low pressure chemical mixture (biodegradable) that is gently sprayed onto the surface of your roof (all roof types). The water pressure for this type of cleaning is kept very low. It is the chemical mixture that cleans the dirt and kills the bacterial growth on the surface of your roof Testing revealed this was consistent with asbestos contamination caused by high-pressure water spray blasting of the asbestos-cement roof. On 25 February 2019, the defendant was issued an improvement notice to make the property safe and ensure all asbestos was contained, labelled and disposed of by 4 March 2019 loor tiles and roof and siding shingles, are less likely to release ibers than pipe and boiler insulation if still in • Check for loose power lines or gas leaks and make sure the electricity and gas are turned off. • Wash hands after handling asbestos but before removing the mask. Asbestos will cling to hair, clothing, car seats.

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If asbestos-containing materials have been burnt on your property, the best option is to engage a licensed asbestos removalist to do the clean-up work. Hail and storm damage Hailstorms pose a risk to roofing, particularly old asbestos roofs. If your asbestos roofing is punctured or cracked, it is best have your house re-roofed Pressure Cleaning Asbestos Roofs - Translated Videos for CALD Communities SafeWork NSW are running a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of pressure cleaning practices light of an increase in incidents. CALD communities have been identified as at risk and as such the material has been produced in multiple languages. The link to the [ The cost of asbestos roof removal will depend on the type of asbestos roof and the scale of work. In some cases, a single asbestos roof tile may need to be removed and replaced, which would cost far less than a complete roof removal. Pricing starts from: $ 40.00. Per square metre (minimum charge of $350 +GST • when cleaning down asbestos-cement roofing or cladding, use a low-pressure water system and a soft brush • NEVER use water blasting to clean an asbestos-cement surface • NEVER use any abrasive methods, such as sanding • clean up the area thoroughly and dispose of asbestos waste (see page 10). Sealing or encapsulatio Clean the entire workspace. Use a damp cloth or rag to clean any items or areas which may have asbestos dust on them. You should clean any area asbestos passed through as thoroughly as the workspace itself. Ensure that no asbestos leaves the area on shoes, power tools, or clothing

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Cost of Power Washing Driveways. Driveways are tough, which means that you can pressure wash them at a PSI of 3,500 and higher. This speeds up the cleaning process, bringing the average cost down to $221 for most properties. Cost of Power Washing Patios and Decks. Patios and decks can be power washed to achieve a new, clean and fresh look Mackay Roof Cleaning Services. Ph: 0416 364 603. Roof cleaning is one of the easiest ways to add value to your home or business. We are professionally trained in roof cleaning and have been trained in Working at Heights Safely. We can clean any roof texture from tiles to tin making your property sparkle from the street Painting asbestos-containing materials. Great care should be taken if painting asbestos-containing material (ACM) such as asbestos cement panels and corrugated sheeting. Asbestos cement can be painted but extreme care must be taken not to loosen or release any dust or fibres. In fact, painting can make the material safer by sealing the surface Xactimate Smoke Cleaning Estimate. Click the image to the left to view the Xactimate estimate. The final estimated value is $60,073.20. More Xactimate estimate examples are provided below. Show All. 7. Asbestos Abatement. 0. Cleaning

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Bundaberg Roof Cleaning. Ph: 0416 364 603. Roof cleaning is one of the easiest ways to add value to your home or business. We are professionally trained in roof cleaning and have been trained in Working at Heights Safely. We can clean any roof texture from tiles to tin making your property sparkle from the street Normally, roofing and flooring contractors are exempt from state and local licensing requirements because they do not perform any other asbestos-correction work. Call 1-800-USA-ROOF for names of qualified roofing contractors in your area. (Illinois residents call 708-318-6722. Davy's Power Washing & Soft Washing. N/A. Category roofing,asbestos removal. 5.0. 09/21/2020. Very well. It wasn't cheap, but the work And materials were very high quality. Description of Work A new roof, gutters and attic insulation. Category gutter repair,insulation,roofing. 5.0 Leave until the Bio-Wash has dried in or for a minimum of one to two hours before subsequent coating. b) As an Aggressive Moss & Mould Inhibitor (without pressure washing) For very heavily moss or mould contaminated surfaces which cannot be pressure washed, e.g. asbestos cement roof sheets, sandstone walls, soft bricks etc. Apply. Asbestos was a popular material used on roofs, walls and other parts of buildings. One option is to pay a specialist company to remove this hazardous material. How to clean a roof without pressure washing (what most roof coating companies don't tell you!) Roof coating scammers found guilty in £2.4million scam (wow! To use these coupons for scheduling ahead, you will be required to submit a 25% non-refundable deposit, or $450.00 dollars, which ever is greater. The deposit is for holding a specific. date available. If you keep the date for our services, the amount of the deposit will be applied in full to the total of the services rendered